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Grand Opening at Moore Farm
The highly anticipated grand opening of Adam Parker Homes at Moore Farm in Frederick is happening today and tomorrow from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. To celebrate the unveiling of two new model homes, incentives will be offered this weekend only. Donít miss the opportunity to save $10,000 in upgrades on all new home starts and $5,000 off completed homes.. Full Text
Showcase Homes
Find a host of amenities at Hover Place
Hover Place provides a host of amenities and design for the ages. As part of the Hover Community, the condos are convenient to downtown Longmont, Longmont United Hospital, shopping and activities. Full Text
Come home to Shadow Grass Park
Shadow Grass Park is a mixed-used neighborhood in Longmont. Single-family and future multi-family homes feature oversized front porches, grill patios, maintained front and side yards, vaulted ceilings and full basements with 9-foot ceilings. Full Text

Home Style
Embrace small space by giving it drama
Q: I have a spare bedroom Iím dying to redecorate, but Iím not sure how to approach this space because the room is small and doesnít get much natural light. Full Text

Home Interior
Manage space in a home by floating furniture
Q: Our ďnewĒ (1929) house has a huge living room, 30 by 20 feet. It overwhelms our furniture. We even had our living and dining room carpets from the old house sewn together and they just make an area rug in this room. Full Text

Real Estate Matters
Good credit is vital to getting decent loans
Q: Iím looking to buy a house, but my credit is very bad. I believe it is around 580. But buying a home of my own is a top priority. Can you help me? Full Text
Front Range Gardening with Carol O'Meara
Carol O'meara
Brush up on gardening know-how
A lull sits in the middle of summer, like a low pressure system just behind the mountains. The garden is growing nicely, beds are mulched and vegetables are not yet ready for picking. Tours have ended, the heat has gotten hold, and gardeners ó when theyíre not catching their breath ó are antsy for action.

Full Text

A Greener View
Grafting will produce seedless grapes
Q: I saw your article on grapevines; Iím wondering how to grow seedless grapes. I bought a grafted vine that said seedless grapes, but they have seeds in them. Is there any way to make them seedless? Full Text

Real Estate News
Home values increase slowly
Home values are still increasing, but only at a crawl. Todayís values, on a national average, are only up 4.4 percent from what they were a year ago. Full Text