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Home may be a joint asset in divorce proceedings
Q. In 1986, my husband and I bought a home. Now, after 32 years of marriage, we have separated. My husband wanted to refinance the property last year before our separation, but I opposed this.
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Leaking Alibi
Q: We just purchased a home. We were in the house for only two weeks before the first rain, when we discovered the roof leaked.
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Knowing how to negotiate can help you get a better price
For nearly 15 years, sellers have been living the high life — a hot seller’s market that saw home prices rise from 10 percent to more than 30 percent per year throughout the last five years alone.

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Check listing agreement before selling
Q: I recently placed my home on the market, listing it with an agent. Now, a friend of the family is interested in buying. I have five months left on the contract with my agent. Is there any way to get out of this contract and sell the house on my own, particularly since I found the buyer?
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Survey reveals incorrect property line
Q: We bought a home last year but did not get a survey before our purchase. Our property was part of a larger property at one time, and decades ago it was subdivided into two lots.
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Know when to give up on an old home
Some people love to live in old houses. And some people love to buy older homes, fix them up and flip them for profit.

But some old houses simply can’t, or shouldn’t, be saved. They’ve outlived their usefulness.
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