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Home Style Design Mary Carol Garrity

Embrace small space by giving it drama
Q: I have a spare bedroom Iím dying to redecorate, but Iím not sure how to approach this space because the room is small and doesnít get much natural light.
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Making an Entrance
I know I should never judge a book by its cover. But as the wife of a book addict, Iíve seen too many boring book covers. And, as a decorating enthusiast, itís hard for me not to judge a home by its exterior. When I visit new cities, I love to drive around and look at houses, checking out what different owners do to make their homesí exteriors beautiful and inviting.
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Treat your mantel to a seasonal design
Every season, I get an irrepressible itch to make over my mantel to give it a fresh new look. No matter whether youíve got just a few seconds, or youíre ready to roll up your sleeves and go to town, here are four fun summer mantel treatments.

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Give unused rooms a makeover
If you have a room in your home thatís so underused that no one enters it except to dust, itís time to reclaim the space and make it a vibrant part of your daily life.

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Bridal Celebrations
Q: My dear friendís daughter is getting married soon, and Iím throwing her a bridal shower. How can I make it extra special?
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Glorious Galleries
Some people go to the spa for rejuvenation, finding new energy in mud baths and seaweed wraps. I go to home furnishings markets. As I cruise each aisle, checking out whatís new and hot in home interior design, my step gets a little lighter and my outlook a little brighter.

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