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For the 2004-2005 school year, over 600 teachers have requested almost 300,000 sponsored newspapers for their students.

On any given school day, the Times-Call delivers between 1,500 and 3,000 newspapers to local classrooms to support teaching efforts in St.Vrain, Boulder, and Thompson Valley school attendance areas. Demand is even greater this year.
To help students improve reading, writing, and math,
the Daily Times-Call, in partnership with sponsors, provides newspapers to
teachers at no charge.

Newspapers help classroom lessons come alive, working well for learners of all kinds and levels, and appealing to both reluctant and eager readers. Students go beyond current events, using newspaper stories, photos, columns, ads, comics, graphs, and charts to apply and reinforce skills and expand knowledge in all subject areas.

Newspapers work as up-to-date textbooks. They also encourage students to become involved in their community and take pride in responsible citizenship.

Participating teachers receive newspapers to be used in the classroom according to their schedules. Some use them once a week, others use them daily. These educators may also receive a variety of accompanying guides linked with the required standards and proficiencies along with workshops to boost learning and teaching effectiveness.

A Partnership that Benefits Everyone!