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IT market apparently stabilizing

Times-Call staff report

Results of a survey released Wednesday reveal that information technology workers in Colorado took a bigger job hit than their colleagues across the country last year.

Denver-based Access Data Consulting surveyed the IT organizations of nearly 500 companies nationwide, across the region and in Colorado. Taken between Jan. 15 and Feb. 3, 2003, the survey revealed that more than 45 percent of Colorado companies experienced reductions in 2002, compared with 38 percent nationwide. Regionally, 43 percent of the companies revealed job cuts last year.

Nearly 20 percent of the Colorado companies say they expect an increase in hiring this year, but nearly 27 percent believe that further cuts will take place in 2003. Across the Rocky Mountain region, 28 percent expect additional job cuts this year, while nationwide, 25 percent are anticipating more job losses this year.

In terms of wages, only 56 percent of Colorado IT workers reported pay cuts in 2002, while nationwide that number was 66.5 percent. Regional workers outside Colorado reported the smallest percentage of those experiencing wage cuts: 53 percent.

As for 2003, 62 percent of the companies in Colorado say they expect a drop in wages this year, while nationwide that figure is 71.5 percent. Regionally, 67 percent of the companies surveyed say they expect wages to decrease this year.

“The (IT) industry is feeling pressure from off-shore sourcing, over-capacity and lower demand, and Colorado is subject to the same stress,” Dan Dampier of Access Data said in a press release announcing the results.

The survey had a margin of error of plus or minus 5 percentage points.