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Labor plans to end overtime controversy

The Washington Post

The Labor Department plans to issue a controversial final rule changing the Fair Labor Standards Act’s overtime provisions by the end of March, according to a regulatory plan published by the agency last week in the Federal Register. The rule, which would redefine who must receive overtime pay, has drawn opposition in the House and Senate by many Democrats and some Republicans.
Victoria Lipnic, assistant secretary of labor for employment standards, said that the 1938 law needs to be revised and updated because the economy today is different from when the law was enacted and that confusion over who should qualify for overtime has led to lawsuits. Changes in the overtime rules eventually could affect millions of workers nationwide. About 11 million workers received overtime pay in 2002.
The administration has proposed changes that would end mandatory overtime pay for many who now qualify but would expand overtime coverage to other workers.
Labor advocates have vowed to keep fighting the proposed changes, either through legislation or litigation.