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DIA ranks 12th in average airfare cost

The Associated Press

DENVER — Denver International Airport no longer ranks in the nation’s top 10 for highest average fares, according to a transportation report.
Travelers flying out of DIA paid the 12th highest average prices in the fourth quarter of 2002, down from No. 6 in the same period of 2001, said a new analysis by the U.S. Department of Transportation.
The average one-way DIA fare was $178 in the latest period, down from $202 a year earlier, according to the report.
The price declines come as Frontier Airlines continues to grow its market share at DIA and other low-fare carriers enter the market.
Other airlines also have slashed prices since the 2001 recession and terrorist attacks.
Airports with the highest one-way fares include Cincinnati with $230 and San Francisco at $222, according to the report.