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Slender Lady

By Susan de Castro McCann
The Daily Times-Call

LONGMONT — After giving health and nutritional advice to all her friends, Kippy Sloan decided to open Slender Lady so she could help women lose weight and learn more about nutrition and fitness.

The health and fitness center at 600 Airport Road opened Sept. 18.

Several years ago, Sloan was diagnosed with lupus, a life-threatening illness. That’s when she began to change her lifestyle.

“My doctor said that I had to reduce the stress in my life and to eat better,” she said. “So I quit my high-stress job as an office manager and took a low-stress job. I threw away every food in my kitchen. I went to nutritionists, naturopathic doctors and holistic medicine practitioners. I got so involved in changing my life that I began preaching to my friends, and soon people were coming to me for advice. So I thought, why not create a business around helping others to become healthy?”

She began to research a variety of nutrition programs and to create a business plan.

“Over the last 10 years, I have spent thousands of dollars on my health and I have discovered what works for me,” Sloan said. “I studied nutrition and did a variety of alternative-medicine programs, and I decided to go with Slender Lady because it combined a nutrition program with exercise, and the nutrition program was designed by two doctors: Dr. Garcia, a member of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, and Dr. Eassey, a consultant in nutrition and health education.”

Sloan said she was impressed with the nutritional program at Slender Lady because it was a non-restrictive plan and women were less likely to give up during a weight-loss program that was not like a diet.

“This plan does not restrict anything except what your body really does not need, such as processed or synthetic foods,” said Sloan. “On this plan, you choose foods from a list of food groupings, and it is real food that you buy at the grocery and prepare at home. I work with people at the level they are at; so if someone had to have fast food every day, I show them how to make it healthier. Other doctors have climbed on board, and we can call them as well as the nutritionists at any time to ask questions and get advice for our clients.”

Using a computer model, Sloan can quickly show her clients their potential results. On a computer, she can pull up a screen of a lady in a leotard and plug in her client’s weight, body fat, age and body type.

As she enters the information, the lady on the computer screen graphically models the statistics.

Then Sloan goes over the food program, explaining the balance between protein, complex carbohydrates and fats.

She asks how often the client thinks she can commit to the exercise program, from one to seven days, and how often she can commit to the food program, from one to seven days.

After she enters the information, the lady in the leotard on the computer screen develops an hourglass figure; the program also shows the number of weeks it will take the client to achieve the computer-generated results, based on how many days the client can stick with the program. “Stick with the program” is the magic phrase.

New Slender Lady clients are introduced to a circuit-training workout that takes about 30 minutes and burns 650 calories.

Sloan has added a second phase to her program with treadmills and weight machines for those who want more advanced training. A third phase features a personal trainer to design a workout specifically for individuals.

Special rooms with an island decor are available for tanning, massage and body wraps, and a Kids’ Korner staffed by an adult is available for moms who want to bring their children while they work out or get massages.