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7/1/2004  Manaster leaves legacy at CU


7/1/2004  Cornice hit with second lawsuit


7/1/2004  Man says firing was uncalled for


7/1/2004  Qwest’s Colo. customers to see credit on August bills


7/1/2004  On chad patrol


7/4/2004  Defensive line


7/4/2004  Pay the cashier, or not; your call


7/4/2004  Bankers try their best


7/4/2004  Microsoft addresses customer satisfaction


7/4/2004  Janus Group outlines cuts in investor fees


7/4/2004  Aspen real estate market bouncing back in 2004


7/8/2004  Getting on a roll


7/8/2004  Stocks climb on bargain hunting


7/8/2004  Classes buy into Discovery


7/8/2004  Barriers a challenge in foreign markets