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2/2/2003  Businessmen hope to shock power market


2/2/2003  Home-sale gain can be excluded


2/2/2003  War on file-sharing


2/2/2003  Drip dry


2/2/2003  RE/MAX says ex-agent infringed on trademark


2/2/2003  Web takes BBB use to new extremes


2/6/2003  SEC nominee will tackle fraud


2/6/2003  CU tackles cyberterror with security


2/6/2003  Flying leftovers


2/6/2003  Array and Horizon see growth


2/6/2003  Level 3 completes Genuity acquisition


2/6/2003  Bush’s budget plans for Rocky Flats are released


2/9/2003  Few jobless, but don’t get worked up


2/9/2003  Tax shelters turn to millstones


2/9/2003  Thinking profitable, not big