An Education Collaborative for the students of
St. Vrain Valley School District

This Is Your Invitation To Make History
While some focus on the past - you have an opportunity to impact the future - and make history while doing so!
Join SOS (Support Our Students), a community educational collaboration. The SOS program is designed to meet the needs of the students of the St. V rain V alley School District today - and tomorrow. Get in on the ground floor of what will be long remember ed as one of our community's finest hours.

Consider the following options to participate:
• Adopt a School (your business will partner with a school and will work to meet their various needs).
• Designate a specific area for your donation to be used (for example the art or science).
• Donate to the general fund (distributions from this fund will be overseen by a community oversight committee that will review the requests that are submitted).
• Donate to a specific school.
Request a donation box for your company. Please contact Dave Palmisano at 303-651-5026 or e-mail

As a participant in the SOS program, you will receive an official SOS sticker and logo to use for your promotional purposes. Your company logo will be posted on the official SOS website. Your company will be mentioned in SOS promotional material. But more significantly, you will be supporting the students of the St. Vrain Valley School District - each of whom are poised to make their own marks on history!

Make Check Payable to:
The Longmont Community Foundation. On memo of the check, designate general fund or a specific school and indicate SOS Program.

Mail Check to:
Longmont Community Foundation (SOS)
401 Main Street, Suite 102
Longmont, Colorado 80501

Donations Accepted via Credit Card:
• Send an e-mail or sign a letter authorizing the Longmont Community Foundation to charge card.
• Include Name, Credit Card Number, Address and the expiration date. Credit Card gifts via e-mail at:

All donations are tax deductible.

Simply submit the form below and you will be contacted. Or if you wish, call Dave Palmisano at 303-651-5026.

Remember, you won't make history until you participate!

Yes - I am interested in making a mark on history by supporting the SOS community educational collaboration.

Please sign me up for the following:

Adopt a School
Donation to a specific area of interest
Donation to the general fund
Donation to a specific school
I'm not sure - please contact me so that I may obtain further information.
I would like a formal presentation