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St. Vrain Valley School District

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School Amount Grant
Erie Elementary $2,027.28 Math Workbooks
Erie Middle/Senior $1,500.00 Scholastic Reading Inventory
Fall River $300.00 “Everyday Life:  Colonial Times” books
Frederick Elementary $106.65 Time for Kids Magazine
Frederick High $504.00 Webster's New World College Dictionary 
Frederick High $226.17 TI-25 solar calculators
Heritage Middle $7,300.00 Books for Literacy Lab
Indian Peaks $2,146.90 Books and Theme Tests
Learning Services Department $1,600.00 Tuition for Summer School
Rocky Mountain $100.00 Kindergarten Take-home books
Silver Creek $28.80 Overhead bulbs
Spangler Elementary $1,282.06 Books for Literacy
Columbine E. $1,000.00 Copier Paper
Mountain View $366.30 Integrated Theme Test, Level 5 (3@$115.20ea)
Frederick High $188.50 Novel:  1984
Mountain View $122.10 Integrated Theme Test, Level 1.4-1.5 (x3 total $55.98)
Mountain View $122.10 Integrated Theme Test, Level 2.1 (x2 @ $57.60ea)
Mountain View $122.10 Integrated Theme Test, Level 2.2 (x2 @ $57.60ea)
Loma Linda $1,243.00 Supplemental Reading Materials
Loma Linda $307.15 Time for Kids  - supplemental instruction for reading comprehension
Loma Linda $432.61 Quick Words workbook
Indian Peaks $1,500.00 Books for Summer School
Frederick Middle $50.95 Pre Algebra w/Pizazz
Frederick Middle $175.95 1 Teacher's Pre-Algebra w/Pizazz teaching book
Frederick High $510.00 6 Advanced Placement Chemistry Books
Frederick Middle $2,000.00 Various School Supplies
Frederick Middle $307.14 Cassettee Players
Frederick Middle $1,719.46 Student Magazine Subscription
Spangler Elementary $997.00 Scholastics
Columbine E. $1,302.26 Materials for Spanish/Transitioning students and struggling readers
Columbine E. $2,011.70 Leveled Reading Books
Alternatives for Youth $213.00 Teacher's Books - History
Alternatives for Youth $1,729.20 Teacher's Books - Geography
Alternatives for Youth $625.90 School Supplies - Various
Alternatives for Youth $330.00 Teacher's Books - American Pageant
Alternatives for Youth $660.00 Teacher's Books - Sociolgoy and Economics
Alternatives for Youth $66.00 x10 University of Chicago Spanish/English Dictionaries
Longmont Estates $283.50 Scholastic News Magazine
Longmont Estates $204.12 Storyworks magazines
Heritage Middle $9,101.78 SOAR books
Central $1,370.00 Library Books
Hygiene $96.39 Atlas for classrooms
Hygiene $55.00 Step Up To Writing Level 2
LongmontEstates $121.50 Weekly Reader Subscription
Skyline High $115.00 Animal Dreams
Skyline High $115.00 Arttalk by Rosalind Ragans
Skyline High $115.00 Various Books
Skyline High $115.00 Nystrom Desk Atlas
Skyline High $115.00 English Dictionary
Skyline High $115.00 Focus on World History
Skyline High $115.00 Hamlet
Skyline High $115.00 How to Make An American Quilt
Skyline High $115.00 How to write a college app.
Skyline High $115.00 It Happened in Colorado
Skyline High $115.00 One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich
Skyline High $115.00 Oxford Picture Dictionary
Skyline High $115.00 Personal Themes in Literature
Skyline High $115.00 Reading and Writing Sourcebooks
Skyline High $115.00 Reading Mastery: Reproducible Resources
Skyline High $115.00 Retold Mexican-American Folktales
Skyline High $115.00 Romeo & Juliet Classics
Skyline High $115.00 Short Takes in Fiction
Skyline High $115.00 Snow Falling on Cedars
Skyline High $115.00 Things Fall Apart
Skyline High $115.00 Who's Looking Out for You; Lies and Lying Liars Who Tell Them; Treason
Skyline High $230.00 Ishmael by Daniel Quinn
Skyline High $115.00 Reading Takes Me Places I've Never Been
Skyline High $115.00 Strategies for Developing Academic Competence
Skyline High $125.00 Reading and Writing Sourcebooks for students and teachers
Longs Peak $1,092.00 Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Frederick High $750.00 Novels for Library
Hygiene $156.00 Paperback books
Longs Peak $150.00 Professional Literature
Sanborn $53.90 Calculators
Hygiene $450.00 Digital Stereo Headphones
Loma Linda $162.00 SOAR Materials
Frederick High $899.66 Transportation Cost for Homework Club
Frederick High $400.00 Transportation Cost for Homework Club
Frederick High $500.34 Transportation Cost for Homework Club
Frederick High $600.00 Transportation Cost for Homework Club
Frederick High $600.00 Transportation Cost for Homework Club
Loma Linda $480.00 Spanish Reading Books
Hygiene $163.75 Literature Books
Hygiene $1,156.00 Guided Reading Books
Rocky Mountain $500.00 Books
Mead Middle $270.35 Ink for Savin Duplicator
Mead Middle $195.00 Master rolls for Savin duplicator
Sanborn $252.00 Reading Books-Asia
Columbine E. $6,000.00 Leveled reading books
Columbine E. $3,188.39 Library Books
Columbine E. $1,308.00 Scholastic Reading Skill Kits
Erie Elementary $412.50 Construction Paper
Erie Elementary $495.00 Toner for Lexmark Optra 2455 Printer
Erie Elementary $185.00 Masters for the 1700 GR Risograph
Erie Elementary $153.00 Toner for Savin 9945 DP
Erie Elementary $124.00 Ink for 1700 GR Risograph
Erie Elementary $90.60 Laminating Film
Frederick Elementary $1,374.84 Scholastic Classroom Magazines
Frederick Elementary $630.25 Tops Easel Pad 
Frederick Elementary $503.28 Weekly Reader Magazines (grades 1 and 3)
Frederick Elementary $289.68 Transparency Film for Infrared Transparency Markers
Frederick Elementary $164.17 Assorted Color Construction Paper
Frederick High $739.92 Exploring Literature Textbooks
Frederick High $310.45 Textbook:  The American Spirit, 10th Edition
Frederick High $285.40 Novel Black Boy
Frederick High $65.97 Novel Lord of the Flies
Frederick High $57.02 Canturbury Tales
Frederick High $57.90 Novel Flowers of Algernon
RockyMountain $495.00 Toner Cartridges
RockyMountain $103.50 Duplicators & Masters
RockyMountain $28.39 Laminating Rolls
Sanborn $38.90 Rubbermaid tubs for classroom library
Sanborn $23.07 Town Center Rug – enhances language development
Sanborn $100.69 2" & 3" book tape and label protectors
SilverCreek $152.32 Transparencies
SilverCreek $312.00 Time Subscription
SilverCreek $240.00 Jr. Scholastic Subscription
SilverCreek $240.00 Scholastic Update Subscription
SilverCreek $940.00 8 ˝ x11 paper
SilverCreek $326.40 Moist Clay
SilverCreek $260.00 Savin Duplicating Masters
SilverCreek $93.65 Glaze – all types
SilverCreek $26.72 Poster Board
SilverCreek $100.00 Acrylic Pain – white, black and various colors
SilverCreek $38.76 Brushes- assorted
Frederick High $1,759.78 1 grade 7 and 1 grade 8 SOAR literacy kit
Frederick High $307.50 Freedom: A History of US" 8-part video documentary kit
Frederick High $248.50 Novel: Play The Cricuble (quantity: 30)
Frederick High $74.90 Novel:  Fahrenheit 451
Frederick High $90.00 Novel:  Spoon River Anthology
Fall River $132.00 "Everyday Life: Colonial Times" ** addt'l $ needed from previous request that was approved.
Loma Linda $4,618.61 Literacy Materials
Loma Linda $145.94 Magazine Subscription for Students Library
Loma Linda $1,240.80 Literacy Books for Emegent Readers
Loma Linda $208.78 Alphabet Cards - Kindergarten
Mountain View $93.80 Special Education - Fun with Spelling Gr. 1
Mountain View $93.80 Special Education - Reading Comprehension
Mountain View $93.80 Special Education Sight Words Gr. K-2
Mountain View $93.00 Special Education - Super Phonics Gr. 1-2
Mountain View $93.80 Special Education - Phonemic Awareness Gr. K-2
Northridge Elementary $1,532.19 Summer School Reading Program
Grand Total  $89,069.54