An Education Collaborative for the students of
St. Vrain Valley School District

What is the SOS Program?

Within the spirit of a community wide collaborative effort, the St. Vrain Valley School District Community Leaders (coalition) have created and have begun to implement a Support-Our-Students (SOS) program that will evaluate and meet the needs of the students of each school within the District to ensure that the students academic progress is not affected and enhance education through business and community partnerships on an ongoing basis.

SOS Business/Organization Coalition to Date

• Amgen • Carbon Valley Chamber of Commerce • Daily Times-Call • Longmont Area Economic Council • Longmont Chamber of Commerce • Longmont Community Foundation • Longmont United Hospital • Safeway Foods • SeagateTecnologies • Twin Peaks Mall

Goals & Objectives

  • Focus the energy of the overall community in taking the steps necessary to assure the academic progress of our children will not be disrupted during this crisis.
  • Rally the community in assuring the Students that we care for them while building a sense of community among the citizens, businesses, corporations and their employees.
  • Protect one of the greatest assets in the community.
  • Measure, monitor and manage donations on behalf of the community.
  • Publish our efforts and successes for future promotion of our community.
  • Once the crisis is over, expand the program where the sponsors participate in the classroom, offer expertise, career counseling, work programs and scholarship development.

SOS Program Governance

  • No formal governance, board or officers. Program is strictly a support vehicle in establishing sponsorship, support relationships and vehicle for monetary donations.
  • Designed to be a collaborative community program and not a business or organizational entity.
  • Program advised and managed by a volunteer Oversight Committee made up of proven community leadership.

Mission of Oversight Committee

On behalf of the communities in which the St. Vrain Valley School District serves, Manage, Monitor, Measure, evaluate needs/specific requests and report all monetary, supplies and in-kind services donations acquired through the SOS program.

Members of Oversight Committee

-Mitchell Carson, President and CEO of Longmont United Hospital
-Frannie Follick-Hood, Vice President of Public Affairs for Pratt Companies
-Linda Henry, Community Representative
-John Martin, Manager of Food & Beverage Marketing - Micro Motion
-Lori Miner, Prime Real Estate
-Craig Ockers, President of First National Bank
-Bill Swenson, Community Representative

Dave Palmisano, Director of Development and Relations, Longmont United Hospital
Tracy Taylor-Sea, LUH Development and Relations Representative, Longmont United Hospital

Evaluating Needs

Based on the 15% budget cuts for each school, Principals of each school are currently creating a list of needs they anticipate for the remainder of the school year with input from Teachers and Parent-Teacher Organizations

Identified needs will be weighed the oversight committee. They will be used to evaluate requests and determine priorities.

Recruitment of Participants

  • The St. Vrain Valley School District service area is blessed with several corporations, businesses and social/civic organizations.
  • Over 1000 businesses and corporations are represented by local chambers and the Economic Councils.
  • Over 30 identified Service Organizations such as Optimist Club and Rotary.

Sponsorship Matching Process

  • There are 38 schools within the St. Vrain Valley School District.
  • There is a need disparity among schools.
  • Corporations and businesses with significantly more resources will be encouraged by the Oversight Committee to sponsor and support the schools with the most needs.

Participation Options

The range of participation includes:

  • Sponsoring a school (Matched) to ensure that ongoing student and academic needs are met
  • Donating financially to the program as a whole through the SOS General Fund.
  • Donating school supplies and/or in kind services

Non-Sponsorship (No Adoption) Participation

  • Corporations, Businesses, Service Organizations and Citizens Donations allocated to general fund.
  • Earmarked or General
  • Longmont Community Foundation is the vehicle for giving.

Longmont Community Foundation

  • Mission is to improve life in the St. Vrain Valley through Philanthropy, leadership and strengthening the community
  • 501c3 Tax Exempt organization.
  • Affiliate of The Denver Foundation
  • Board of Directors comprised of local Community leaders.

Contribution Flow Chart


  • SOS funds are targeted to support essential items requested by teachers for maintenance of a quality learning environment. Funds will not be distributed for compensation or capital expenditures.

Campaigning in our Communities

To generate and foster a spirit of a community wide collaborative effort in supporting our students and to recruit Business and Organizations to participate with SOS through sponsoring a specific school and/or contributing to the SOS general fund, an awareness campaign has been implemented to include:

  • Guest Editorials and Features through the Press
  • Banner Campaign in all downtown areas of the St. Vrain District (Downtown lamp posts secured with brackets)
  • Marquee Campaign in all Communities coordinated through local chambers
  • Invitations to Make History direct mail Campaign to all businesses within the communities to be coordinated with local Chambers and Economic Councils
  • Invitations to Make History direct mail Campaign to all service organizations within the communities.
  • Presentations to Businesses and Service Organizations
  • Web page development for recognition and education
  • City Council Proclamations in each community