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Outcome rumors abound

by B.J. Plasket
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER This week's Ramsey rumors include predictions that the grand jury will:

a) Finish its work by the end of the month.

b) Indict John and Patsy Ramsey in the 1996 slaying of their daughter, JonBenet.

There is, however, one big hitch in those predictions.

The grand jury hasn't met this week and, in fact, hasn't met for nearly two months.

Legal analyst Andrew Cohen on Tuesday said making predictions on the case is, at this point, futile.

"Those who know aren't talking and those who are talking don't know," he said.

Cohen also questioned whether the grand jury can finish its work in July.

"They would have to start meeting," he said of the jury that hasn't met since mid-May. "Practically speaking, it would seem they would need two or three weeks to finish up loose ends and deliberate."

According to Cohen, the grand jurors themselves may be at the heart of the slow proceedings.

"The only answer that makes sense to me is that they are waiting for police to provide answers to questions that came up during the presentation of evidence," he said. "That seems the most logical. The police make a presentation and the grand jury has questions stemming from that evidence."

And, according to Cohen, the jurors' questions may be large ones.

"I don't want to cast a pessimistic pall on this, but you'd think they wouldn't be wasting this much time on a smaller thing," he said.

Meanwhile, at least one of the tabloids is sticking with reports that surfaced weeks ago which say John and Patsy Ramsey are close to indictment.

The Globe, quoting "high-placed sources close to the investigation," predicted the Ramseys are likely to be charged with murder , accessory to murder , witness tampering and evidence tampering. The publication says Patsy is most likely to face murder charges, while John is expected to be charged in an alleged cover-up.

This week's Globe says the most damaging evidence against the Ramseys includes:

* The 911 Call. For months it has been reported that the Ramseys told police their son, Burke, slept through the time the ransom note was found and police were called. But the 911 tape reportedly has Burke's voice asking his father what he found and John in turn talking to Burke.

* The Scream. A neighbor reportedly told authorities she heard the blood-curdling scream of a little girl the night JonBenet died, but the Ramseys allegedly told police they heard nothing in their upstairs master-bedroom suite.

* The Ransom Note. The Globe says dozens of handwriting samples were collected, but that only Patsy Ramsey has not been eliminated as the possible author of the note.

* The Panties. The Globe several months ago reported JonBenet was wearing oversized size 12 not her regular size 6 panties when her body was found. According to this week's Globe, the grand jury is convinced Patsy Ramsey hastily changed her daughter's wet underwear with the larger ones, which had been purchased at Bloomingdale's for a older cousin but not yet given to her.