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Authorities suspect B

by DeeDee Correll
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER After investigating him for more than nine months, Broomfield authorities filed charges against 21-year-old Sean Patrick King of Broomfield Wednesday on suspicion that he had sex with at least three juvenile Broomfield girls.

A September 1998 search of his eastern Colorado home uncovered lists of girls' names and addresses and a cache of photographs and newspaper and magazine photograph clippings of young-looking girls, including pictures of 6-year-old murdered beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey , police report.

Last fall, district attorneys investigators from Sedgwick County in northeastern Colorado uncovered suspected sexual activity with the Broomfield girls while investigating Sean Patrick King in an unrelated sexual assault on a child case and alerted Broomfield investigators.

King, who has been jailed in Jefferson County since last September on shoplifting and criminal mischief charges now faces two Boulder County charges of child sexual assault, one count of sexual assault on a child by a person in position of trust as well as charges of sexual assault on a child and child exploitation charges from Sedgwick County.

Broomfield investigators began watching King, who is believed to split his time living in Broomfield and in the small Sedgwick County town of Ovid, after a search of his Ovid home unearthed computer lists of Broomfield girls and student directories to Birch Elementary School in Broomfield and Broomfield Heights Middle School.

Among the personal items investigators catalogued in the search were Satanic drawings, bondage magazines, an address book listing girls ranging in age from second to eighth grade entitled "S.K.'s Little Girl Black Book" and fliers from organizations dealing with missing or exploited children, a Boulder County arrest warrant affidavit stated. Other items found in the search included sexual poems about young girls with lines such as "They are not 13, but I wish they could be. Even up to 16 is perfect for me. These teeny young bodies that only I would see, this is the only thing of which I beg and plead, because no one else would like how I find these girls so lovely," the affidavit said.

When questioned by Broomfield Detective Derek Barr, King told Barr the lists of children and student directories were lists of friends or people he planned to invite to parties, an arrest affidavit said, and that he collected pictures of JonBenet Ramsey "because she is beautiful," according to the affidavit.

King admitted being aroused by young girls because their minds are uncorrupted and easily influenced, but he initially claimed that he didn't have sexual intercourse with any of them because the idea of it made him sick, reports said. He later admitted to having sex with a 14-year-old he had dated.

Two other Broomfield girls told Barr that King had sexual intercourse with them in the past two years; both girls were 13 at the time, the affidavit said.

Barr also investigated one girl's claim that she saw King try to receive oral sex from an infant she was babysitting.

Authorities transferred King to the Boulder County Jail on Wednesday. A judge set his bond at $100,000, and King is scheduled to appear in court July 6.