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Ramsey to delay retur

by Pam Regensberg
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER -- John Ramsey , the father of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey , likely will not return to work this week as he had previously planned, a family spokesman said Wednesday.

A threatening telephone call Friday to his computer business, Access Graphics, will keep the Boulder businessman away from the office a little while longer, media consultant Patrick Korten said from his Washington, D.C., office.

John Ramsey , 53, will return to work ``at some point, but I'm not predicting when,'' Korten said Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the company has tightened security at the Pearl Street business. Employees will be issued new security badges and will undergo safety techniques.

According to police reports, the male caller told a receptionist that if John Ramsey were allowed back to work this week, ``... you're all going to die'' and ``the building won't be here Monday.''

According the family's hired criminal profiler, JonBenet's killer was probably a disgruntled former employee of John Ramsey .

``This person has a very unique, intimate knowledge about his financial workings,'' said John Douglas, a former FBI agent hired by the Ramsey family for his experience in preparing criminal profiles. ``Therefore the person would have to be somehow related to his employment.''

Boulder authorities are still refusing to comment on the investigation into the murder of the child beauty queen. JonBenet was found Dec. 26 in her family's Chautauqua Park home.

A Boulder County coroner's report stated the girl had been strangled, while media reports said the girl was sexually assaulted and suffered a fractured skull.

The family, on advice of legal counsel, still has reportedly refused to be formally interviewed by police.

Meanwhile, Korten has returned to Washington, D.C., because he ``doesn't expect any significant developments in the case.''

Korten added that the family is still grieving over their daughter's death. He said they are staying with friends in the greater metro area.

Meanwhile, Boulder churches will hold ``A Children's Sabbath'' this weekend to mourn the murder of JonBenet Ramsey .

Leaders at the First Congregational Church, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Community United Church of Christ and Congregation Bonai Shalon will hold the services, which will include prayers, hymns and readings.