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LongmontFYI Poll
Open space tax
Would you vote for an extension of the city's open space tax if it were on the November ballot?
-52% (votes: 126)
-48% (votes: 117)
Total number of votes: 244
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Comments on "Open space tax"
  No open space tax extension! Open space is just another term for prairie dog habitat!
  Must be the first tax increase/extension that the Mayor has been against. The tax must not be in the interest of big business or she would not be against it.
  Don't include Mayor Julia Pirnack in the open space-crazed bunch--she has publicly stated that she is against the open space sales tax extension.
  NO MORE TAXES... (Pirnack) and her cronies can't justify the money they are getting in taxes now. Don't give them more...
  C'mon Times-Call.....how about a little more information! Would you support this tax extension if you know it will last until 2030? Would you support this extension knowing that roughly 67% of Boulder County is already open space? When is enough, enough? Consider moving to Sterling if you need more open space.
  The city forces developers to include open space in their HOA-run creations. The HOA's can't afford to maintain them, and the city "saves" them by taking the land FOR FREE as a donation. This means home prices were set to pay for this land, and we see artificial inflation. It's a real scam. WE need no more taxes with this scam.
  I can't wait until we can't develop anymore. Then we can focus on rebuilding dilapidated areas of Longmont. The pro-development opinions on this survey wreak of short-sighted self-interest. I have an idea - go ruin Weld County, they seem to want you!
  Please support the open space tax. Once our open spaces have been sold to developers it is gone forever. Let's not become another US city of urban sprawl. I cherish driving by open fields where cows, llamas and sheep graze, and trails that are not bordered by houses.
  Open space improves the quality of life. Development means more water cosumption, pollution, congestion, particulates, respiratory problems. Buy open space now.
  Open space is vital to the pleasant living environment of Longmont. We need to live within our means rather than regard "development" and "growth" as an economic driver industries themselves. Serve the existing population rather than depend on influx per se for vitality.
  Hey, by the way, it's great to see SOME coverage of the State Government. How come we hear so much LESS about the DEMs these days? Do I smell ...grapes?
  Okay, so you LIKE the 'ghost town' motif. No worries. Just leave everything alone. Oh, wait... we could spend the money on a WAR!
  Supporting an Open Space tax is a no brainer. If you like living in Colorado and enjoying our wild places, you must put your money where your mouth and hiking boots are!
  Absolutely positively NO! This open space taxing madness is totally out of control and has become a great fleecing of local taxpayers (Longmonters pay four different open space sales taxes totaling a whopping 0.65 percent). And what's the big hurry? Our present 0.20% open space tax expires in 2020...deal with it when it expires, not now. In these days of high gas prices and a tight city budget, the last thing Longmont needs is to go into more debt for a low priority item such as open space. I guarantee the left-wing enviros on city council are in for a big fight on this one. Taxpayers have had enough.
  "When will it be enough?" When will there be enough strip malls, Wally worlds, and asphalt parking lots to please you?
  Get the funds from the Boulder County open space taxes.
  What with the Dems? They have never seen a tax increase they did like! Couldn't they just put a tax on the amount of taxes paid!
  65% of Boulder County can never be developed; less than 100,000 acres remain available for commercial or residential development. The 287 corridor is almost completely constrained from economic development which would have served to ease taxpayers' fiscal burden. At what point will the middle class taxpayers in Boulder County (and Longmont) be forced to flee because they can no longer afford to live in Boulder County? When will it be enough?





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