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   B elow you'll find some links to sites covering a number of different topics that we  hope will be helpful in your school studies. Our plan is to steadily expand and refine this page, and to that end we encourage students, teachers, and parents to send us an e-mail if you know of a link  that others would find useful or if you have any other suggestions that would make this page a more valuable tool.
Our e-mail address is

Social studies/political science

The Bureau of Labor Statistics - - This U.S. government site is suitable for use by high school and college-aged students. It provides information about the economic condition of the nation and the country's workforce.

State of Colorado - - The state's official website can be found at this address (Note: change the co in the address to the abbreviation for other states to find out information about those locales.) Colorado's website provides access to the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the government. Of particular interest during the legislative session is the text of bills under consideration by elected representatives. Follow this address with /gov_dir/stateleg.html to go directly to the legislative portion of the site. This site will be of most interest to older students.

Colorado State University - - Find out about the state's land-grant university at this website.

Contacting a congressman - l.html - Budding political scientists, or those interested in a particular issue facing the nation, might be interested in using this website to correspond with a congressman.

Federal Elections Commission - - As the federal election cycle heats up, the Federal Election Commission might be a place to find information about election laws, political action committees, candidates and contributions.

Federal statistics - - This site is a one-stop shopping center for information from more than 70 federal agencies. From the exciting to the arcane, you'll find it here.

Bills in Congress - - Information about bills introduced into the U.S. Congress can be found here.

Supreme Court decisions - - Here, you can read the full text of U.S. Supreme Court decisions, along with  the dissenting opinions. Read and decide for yourself about some of the top issues facing the nation.

The White House - - The President's agenda for the nation is laid out on this website.

Library of Congress - - America's most important archive of information can be found at the Library of Congress site. You'll be amazed at everything available from this resource.

Census Bureau - - During the year 2000, the U.S. Census Bureau will count every American - or at least every American it can find. The census is required by the U.S. Constitution every 10 years so that equitable representation can be maintained in the Congress. Find out how the next census will be done and watch for the results as they come in. Previous census data also can be found here.

The United Nations - - Information about United Nations programs, political hot spots, humanitarian efforts and more can be found at this important website.

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English/language arts/literature/

Tools and tips for copy editors and writers - - This site is a fabulous resource for writers of all ages. You'll find reference guides, spelling tests, fun-with-words exercises, definitions, one-line references, people-finders, information about heads of foreign governments, geographic fact books, stylebooks and more.

Vocabulary  - For young students wishing to develop their vocabularies, or older students preparing for ACT or SAT tests, this site is beneficial. Using word games, the site provides tips and tactics for building vocabularies and preparing for the all-important college acceptance exams.

Mythology - - This site offers an encyclopedia of information about myths and legends from around the world, including the Greeks, Romans, Norse, Persian, Japanese and more. Also, - - or -

Student newspaper - - So, you've drawn the assignment of writing an editorial about the latest happening at your school. Opinion writing differs from news writing in important ways. Find out how at this site.

Find out about Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning at html or

Another good site is

A evolving site with information about the works of William Shakespeare is at

Want to see the complete works online?

For the more advanced student of Shakespeare, there's

For teachers of Shakespeare, try this:


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Anne Frank - - The story of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who hid with her family to escape the atrocities of the Nazi's, only to be caught and imprisoned in a concentration camp, is a story every school child should read at least once. At this site, you'll find information about Anne Frank, her family's hiding place and life as they lived it.

History buff - - This gem of a site includes information about the civil war, American presidents, famous criminals, women in history and more.

Columbus -; or; or; or Students or educators will find biographical information, facts about Columbus's voyages, pictures and even potential homework assignments.

Lewis and Clark -; or - here are two sites of many that can be found on the world wide web on this pair of explorers who, at the request of Thomas Jefferson,  traveled the Missouri River to its source and onto the Pacific Ocean.

Thomas Jefferson - - This site provides a great biography of the former president and early statesman. utobiography/chap00.html provides an autobiography of the man. is an online encyclopedia's report about this founding father.

George Washington -
A biography written only eight years after the first president's death appears at The organization that operates the historic site at Mount Vernon's Washington's home, provides this biographical material: dex.html.

Abraham Lincoln -
America's 14th president held the nation together during civil war. Places related to President Lincoln can be found at: sites.htm . Famous Lincoln speeches can be found here: ches/speeches.htm . A good biographical site is: . The History Place presents a marvelous timeline of Lincoln's life: g1.

For Historical Maps of the United States go to this site: histus.html

The Mayflower, the ship that brought the Pilgrims to the new world, can be researched on the web. Here's where you can find the passenger list and information about each passenger:

The text of the Mayflower Compact, the agreement signed by the passengers of the Mayflower, is at

Find a schematic drawing of the Mayflower at:

Another good site with information about the Mayflower and about the Plymouth Colony is at

The Library of Congress offers great resources to study Black History. Find it at

An internet history of Africa with numerous links is at:

A good starting place to study black history is:


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Mathematics/ Science

Ask Dr. Math - - This helpful website is divided into categories based on student grade level. Students can get answers to math questions.

Math homework help - - Send an e-mail with your math brain teaser, and get a response.

Science for kids - - National Public Radio's science site is found here. Explore a myriad of science topics for all ages.

The weather - - This governmental site provides forecasts and other important information about weather around the world.

Dinosaurs -
There's no shortage of web links featuring information about dinosaurs. An excellent site featuring links to hundreds of web pages is at: ml. Pictures of dinosaur fossils from the Smithsonian Institute can be found at: Brief descriptions of all sorts of dinosaurs are here: Utah, which together with Colorado shares the Dinosaur National Monument, has this to offer about dinosaurs: Discovery magazine offers these features:

For young students wondering about the most amazing of human organs, the brain, here's a good starter site:

For more advanced students, here's a great one: biology.html

For brain games to stimulate anyone:

To reach the site of the Little Thompson Observatory in Berthoud,


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General Reference

Encylopedia Britannica

Funk and Wagnalls Multimedia Encyclopedia Online

The Internet Public Library

Merriam-Webster Online

States and Capitals


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Fun Links For Kids


Ben & Jerry's


Bubble Information

Younger Kids


Seaworld - Busch Gardens

Berit's best sites for Children

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Carlos Coloring Book

Aunt Aunnie's Craft Page

Students for Exploration of Space

Kids on Campus

Kite Sites

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