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After 13 years of water problems, home builder may no longer be liable
Q: We built a new house 13 years ago. We moved in and within a month, water was seeping in the basement windows. The concrete had cracked and water started flowing through the cracks. We called the builder and he attempted to seal the cracks but it didnít work.
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Keep sole ownership of house after divorce
Q. A year before my divorce, my ex-spouse almost defaulted on several debts. We went into personal bankruptcy to save the house we owned. I got the house in the divorce, and have been paying the mortgage ever since. However, due to the bankruptcy on record, I couldnít get a new loan to transfer it to my name.

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Parents should recognize a childís potential for investment
Q: Eight years ago, I bought a house using money my grandmother left me. I wasnít able to get a loan in my name only, so my dad went on the loan with me. Heís also listed with me on the title, although he has not put any of his money into the house.

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Inspection reveals slew of structural problems
Q: Iím attempting to sell my parentsí home. They were the sole owners since the house was built in 1973 and thereís never been any reason to have the home inspected.

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Home buying mistakes you don't want to make
Buyers would seem to be on top of the world these days.

The number of homes on the market for sale, both new and existing, has grown exponentially. Developers are offering special deals and incentives, trying to get their new homes sold while maintaining the integrity of their subdivisionís price points.
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If you're a seller, you'd better be nervous
Buyers were the only ones cheering recently when the National Association of Realtors announced that existing homes sales fell 4.1 percent in July.
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