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Donít forego your rights when signing closing documents
Q: We signed an agreement to buy a piece of land to build a house for our elderly mother. At the time of the scheduled closing, we were both out of town on business and therefore signed a grant of authority for closing documents for the builder to sign on our behalf.
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Quality tenants are the best asset for a new landlord
Q: Iíve just bought my first rental property. Do you have any advice for me on renting it out? Any recommendations on books I should read? Full Text

Try last ditch efforts if your house still hasnít sold
At a party during the weekend, I met a recently divorced homeowner whoíd received the house in his divorce settlement and was now trying to sell it.

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Spell out everything in father-son purchase deal
Q: Iím entering into a real estate purchase with my son. Iíll loan him $60,000, which will be his 20 percent down payment on a condo. Heíll have a renter who pays him $800 per month. My son will pay the mortgage and taxes.

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In the long run, the trend for real estate is positive
Iím often asked how I think the residential real estate market is doing. To answer, I point to the population milestone we recently reached: 300 million people now live in the United States. According to the Census Bureauís population clock (www.census.gov/population/www/popclockus.html), every 7 seconds, another person is born in this country.
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Non-conforming home may be legal in some areas
Q: We purchased our home six months ago and just found out thereís a covenant requiring a 15-foot side yard setback our area. Our setback is only 10 feet. We had a real estate agent and an attorney and bought title insurance, but no one told us about this or gave us a copy of the covenant. We never would have bought this home if weíd known about the covenant. What are our options?

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