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Donít get tripped up by capital gains rules
Q: Iím 23 and planning to sell two investment properties I own this year. I lived in one for two of the past five years as a primary residence. This property has been a rental since March, 2006. I purchased my other property the same month. I lived there for six months, and have rented it out for the past six months.

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A down payment refund may not be in order
Q: I found your Web site and was impressed with all the free information. I looked through the FAQs in hope of finding an answer to the following question.

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New book offers advice to real estate investors
Hereís one important rule to know about investing in real estate: You donít make any money until you sell or lease your property. Choosing the right amount of rent or the right list price can make all the difference.
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Pay off debt to qualify for a better mortgage
Q: In your book, ď100 Questions Every First-Time Home Buyer Should Ask,Ē you mention that a lender will want to see all your current debts, including credit card balances.<
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Start construction with your own funds if possible
Q: Iím learning about construction- to-permanent loans. My most immediate question is, why canít I pay the draws as they come up before paying interest?

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Credit will improve, but it will take time
Q: I had a federal tax lien filed against me. When this happened, my credit score plummeted to 500. Now that Iíve satisfied the lien, will my credit score go back up to where it was before the lien was filed?
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