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Real Estate Matters Ilyce Glink

Undisclosed easement causes problems for owner
Q: A title company insured my home and failed to disclose a slope easement in favor of the city. Eucalyptus trees growing on this back slope are constantly shedding leaves in my swimming pool/yard.

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Make your house shine for resale
Nearly everyone I know has little things in their house that they live with that may have originally bothered them, but no longer do, including dangling light bulbs and wires, squeaky doors and floors, dirty air filters in the furnace or air blowers, a broken humidifier system, ripped screens, chipped door stops, sticky or off-kilter kitchen cabinet doors and messy landscaping.
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Take action against negligent company
Q: We purchased a five-and-a-half year-old home in January. Our Realtor was told that the home was not being lived in regularly because the owner was caring for an elderly family member.

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Donít risk your home to get out of credit card debt
Q: I have $40,000 that Iíve withdrawn from a home equity line of credit to start paying down $90,000 in credit card debt. A friend in a similar situation offered his credit card companies anywhere from 25 to 75 cents on the dollar to close his accounts and ended up paying only about 50 percent of what he owed to pay off all of his cards.
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Renting home before buying may be an option
Q: Weíre moving across the country so I can take a new job. Do you have any advice on buying a house, then moving into it immediately as a rental until we can close? Weíre hoping to be able to do this so we donít have to move twice.

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Review contract to avoid frustrating payment issues
Q: We had buyers accept our counteroffer on the sale of our house two weeks ago. They never inspected the home, and it appears that they didnít get financing by the date required under the contract. Weíre supposed to close soon.
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