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Denver switches to biodiesel for vehicles

The Associated Press

DENVER The city is launching an eight-month pilot program using a mixture of diesel fuel and a soybean oil derivative to power its public works vehicles.
Mayor John Hickenlooper announced the plan Thursday, Earth Day. He said the city will spend about $15,000 for 60 trucks and cars through December.
The mayor said the public works department also will continue to replace its decommissioned sedans with hybrid-electric cars. The department operates 53 hybrid cars.
Biodiesel also is used by the city of Boulder, the Regional Transportation District, the University of Colorado and Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.
The most commonly used biodiesel fuel mixture, called B20, includes 80 percent diesel fuel and 20 percent processed derivative of a natural oil, often a soybean oil.
Processed cooking-oil waste sometimes is included.