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Networker says women must say more with less

By Pam Mellskog
The Daily Times-Call

BOULDER — Some days, sneezing takes longer than 30 seconds. But that was the time allotted to each of the approximately 25 women who met at the Chautauqua Park community house in Boulder on Thursday for an accelerated networking luncheon.

Dallas-based eWomenNetwork.com sponsored the event to coach members and guests to say more with less during an introduction to potential clients.

“Too often these introductions are more like a 60-second Super Bowl commercial,” explained network chief executive officer and founder Sandra Yancey.

To personalize pitches for greater memorability, she recommended beginning with a potential client’s name.

Next, say your first and last name — with a pause in between — and then the name of the business, its mission and what you want or need from that interchange, she explained.

“Do you know anyone who needs what I have to offer?” is the closing sentence of a 30-second “accelerated networking”-style introduction, according to Yancey.

Sharpening skills in this area and others, she said, helped her grow her business in the past 14 months from 2,000 members in 23 chapters to 10,000 members in 78 chapters throughout all 50 states.

Yancey launched the network four years ago to help other women experience similar breakthroughs.

The Internet-aided connectivity she promotes does that, she said, by helping women throw a wider dragnet for business leads.

“Lots of businesswomen don’t survive, but it’s not because they don’t have the passion. It’s not because they aren’t willing to work long hours. And it is not because they don’t have a quality product or service,” she explained. “It is because they didn’t develop enough customers to make the cash register ring.”

Besides the far-reaching electronic network, chapters such as the one established this spring in Boulder host twice-monthly meetings for local women to pass along contacts and encouragement.

“What I’ve learned from women who have built multi-million dollar organizations is that they don’t try harder — they try different,” Yancey said.

For more information, visit www.eWomenNetwork.com.

Pam Mellskog can be reached at 303-776-2244, Ext. 224, or by e-mail at pmellskog@times-call.com.