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Business rules review set

Associated Press

DENVER - State and federal officials are teaming up to simplify rules for small-business owners, saying the rules have become onerous and expensive. U.S. Rep. Bob Beauprez, R-Colo., and Gov. Bill Owens' regulatory director, Rick O'Donnell, said this week the partnership would fight for regulatory reform and economic competitiveness.

Beauprez said it costs small-business owners about $32,000 per employee to comply with state and federal regulations, half the cost of large businesses.

In Colorado, small businesses employ about 1 million residents and represent about 97 percent of all businesses in the state.

State lawmakers are considering Senate Bill 121, legislation that would require a review of the cost of all regulations before they go into effect. The bill is awaiting second reading in the Senate.

Beauprez said a task force is being formed among small-business owners, who will seek recommendations from small-business owners across the state.