An Education Collaborative for the students of
St. Vrain Valley School District


Silver - $1.00- $99.99
Gold - $100.00 -$999.99
Platinum - $1,000 - $4,999.99
Diamond - $5,000 and above



Companies displaying SOS donation boxes

McDonald’s —
Uniglobe Worldwide Travel —
Horizon Bank —
First Main Street —
Wal-Mart —
Security Title —
Diane Stow with ReMax of Longmont —
First National Bank of Longmont —
Longmont United Hospital Café and Gift Shop —

First National Bank of Colorado —

To request a donation box for your company, please contact Dave Palmisano at 303-651-5026 or e-mail



Access Computer Products, Inc., Silver
Alert Realty & Investment Co., Gold
Amgen, Diamond
Anderson, Tracey A, Gold
Anderson, Vicki, Silver
Arnett, Diane, Gold
Ball Corporation, Gold
Balman, Judy, Silver
Barbe, Sally, Gold
Barnard, Michelle, Silver
Bechard, Mr. And Mrs Michael, Silver
Beisel, Cheryl, Gold
Bennett, Lisa, Silver
Bertrand, Neil, Gold
Blea, Betty, Silver
Blue, MaryK., Gold
Bowman, Michelle, Silver
Breakfast Optimist Club Of Longmont, Platinum
Brown, Pamela, Silver
Bruce Insurance Agency, Silver
Buker, Jared, Silver
Burke, Michael, Silver
Carbon Valley Chamber, Platinum
Carden, James, Gold
Carson, Mitchell and Patricia, Platinum
Cerdorian, Kimberly, Silver
Chapter GH-PEO Sisterhood, Gold
Chaz Appraisal Services, Gold
Cherry Creek Education Association (St. Vrain Teachers Assoc.), Platinum
Clay, Douglas and Suzanne, Silver
Collier, Jane, Gold
Colorado Assn.Of Realtors, Diamond
Communication Concepts, Gold
Community Foundation Silicon Valley (XILINX), Diamond
Dananay, Lynn, Gold
David, Johnnie, Mr. & Mrs., Silver
DiGirolamo, Cleo, Gold
Doup, Carol, Silver
Dueber, Thomas L., Gold
Elwood, Robert, Gold
Ernst, Pamela, Silver
Farwell, Sue, Gold
First Community Bank, Gold
First Main Street Bank, Platinum
First National Bank of Colorado, Gold
Front Range Orthopedic Center, Diamond
Gessner, Susan, Platinum
Gillies, Jean, Gold
Glenn, Thomas, Mr. & Mrs., Gold
Gottschalk, Jerome, Mr. & Mrs., Silver
Guilforile, Anne, Silver
H & L Architecture, Platinum
Haag, Lucille, Gold
Hajek Chevrolet-Oldsmobile, Inc., Diamond
Hajek Chevrolet-Oldsmobile, Inc.-Car, Diamond
Harrison, OmearaA., Gold
Hart, Suzanne, Silver
Haskins, Frances, Silver
Haubold, Holly, Silver
Heath, Donad, Mr. & Mrs., Silver
Henry, Linda, Gold
Herman, Rebecca, Gold
Highfill, Linda, Silver
Hill, Rosalie, Silver
Hohn, Suzanne, Silver
Holsinger, Laurie, Silver
Holt, Dr. and Mrs Peter, Gold
Hones, Kathleen, Silver
Hughes, Darlene, Gold
Hull, Troy C., Gold
Jackson, Gary, Gold
Johnson, Debra Lynn, Silver
Jordan, John and Janice, Silver
Kelsic, Beth, Gold
Kolakowski, Michele, Silver
Kracklauer, Jack and Kay, Gold
Landis, Barbara, Gold
Leary, Mr. And Mrs. David, Gold
Lewis, Donald, Mr. & Mrs., Gold
Longmont Community Foundation, Platinum
Longmont Rotary Club, Gold
Longmont United Hospital Café Donation Box, Silver
LongmontVentures, Inc.dbaJiffyLube, Gold
Longs Peak Appraisal Consultants, Inc., Gold
Longs Peak Arches, Inc., Platinum
Ma, SHIJIN, Silver
Mack, Rebecca, Gold
Mares, Josie, Platinum
McCarthy, Michael, Mr. & Mrs., Silver
McCarty, Frances, Silver
McDonald's Donation Boxes, Gold
McMillan, Scottand Masako, Silver
Meduna, Monty, Mr.& Mrs., Gold
Messenger, MaryLou, Silver
Micro Motion, Gold
Miller, Deborah, Gold
Miller, PhillipE., Gold
Miner, Lori and Nelson, Gold
Nagell, Jackie, Gold
Najera, RaeAnn, Gold
North Main McDonald's Donation Box, Gold
Orr, Joan, Gold
Osgood, JoanneR., Platinum
Otto, RussellA., Mr.&Mrs., Silver
Pancheri, Mary, Silver
Parsons, Ann, Silver
Pawelski, Lori, Gold
Pazour, Barbara J., Gold
Peine, Aimee, Gold
Phillips, Barbara, Platinum
Pimper, Susan, Gold
Potts, Samuel, Silver
Qualcomm, Platinum
Ramsey, Celeste, Gold
Ramsey, Russ, Silver
Reece, Sheryl, Gold
Reese, Catherine, Gold
Ridnour, Barbara, Silver
Robert Lindenmuth DDS, Gold
Rominger, Sharon, Gold
Rothgerber, Johnson and Lyons, LLP, Gold
Russell-O'Connell, Robin, Silver
Saab, Chris, Silver
Sadler, Brenda, Silver
Safeway, Diamond
Sage, Laura, Silver
Savoy, Jeannette, Silver
Schoenbauer, Cris, Silver
Seagate, Diamond
Selzier, Doug and Wulff, Jane, Gold
Sheetz, Kim, Gold
Shortell, Michael, Mr., Gold
Sidas, Jose, Gold
South Main McDonald's Donation Box, Silver
Springstead, Dean, Gold
Stang, Red and Donna, Platinum
Stevens, Rebecca, Silver
Sullivan, Ann L., Mrs., Silver
Sundberg-Douse, Gail, Gold
Swearingen, Jean, Silver
Target-Supplies, Gold
Tart, Laurie, Silver
Taylor-Sea, Tracy, Silver
Times-Call Publishing Co, Platinum
Tim's Thai, Inc., Silver
Twin Peaks Charter Academy, Gold
Vectra Bank (Zions Management Services), Gold
Wal-Mart Donation Box, Gold
Wal-Mart Foundation, Diamond
Webel, Suzanne, Gold
Weerts, Michael, Silver
Weller, Mr and Mrs Greg, Gold
West, Sheila, Silver
Wiley, Mary, Silver
Williams, Martha and Leslie, Gold
Wilts, Wendell and Denise, Gold
Winter, Diana, Gold
Yates, Donna, Gold
Yates, Rollin, Gold
Yost, ByronM.D., Gold
Zions Management Services, Gold