An Education Collaborative for the students of
St. Vrain Valley School District


Anyone interested in donating supplies noted on this list, please contact Dave Palmisano at 303-651-5026.
School Cost Item Requested
Longmont High $500.00 OS Upgrade, Client Access license for 30 computers, extra RAM 133mhz
Sanborn $420.00 Reader's Notebooks
Mountain View $115.20 Integrated Theme Test, Level 3.1 (x2 @$57.60ea)
Columbine E. $500.00 Ink
Columbine E. $500.00 Masters
Columbine E. $1,000.00 Toner
Longmont High $360.00 Wash Machine
Mountain View $43.53 Integrated Theme Test, Level 1.1 (x3 total $43.53)
Mountain View $55.98 Integrated Theme Test, Level 1.2-1.3 (x3 total $55.98)
St. Vrain Valley Audiology Dept. $900.00 Tri-fold brochures for program called "Crank It Down Colorado Kids" re: noise induced hearing loss.
Lyons Middle/Senior $5,806.20 TI-83 + Graphing Calculators
Silver Creek $300.00 Food - lab fees
Longmont High $5,400.00 TI-83 + Graphing Calculators
Silver Creek $1,080.00 Savin Drum, photo conductor unit
Silver Creek $412.36 Savin Toner Cartridges
Silver Creek $236.00 Savin Toner (tubes)
Silver Creek $1,861.50 Toner Cartridges for Lexmark T622 printers
Silver Creek $2,000.00 TI-83 + Graphing Calculators
Frederick High $3,000.00 TI-83 + Graphing Calculators
Skyline High $2,700.00 TI-83 + Graphing Calculators
Erie Middle/Senior $6,000.00 TI-83 + Graphing Calculators
Erie Elementary $300.00 Industrial Strength Pencil Sharpener
Mead Elementary $1,951.00 Books for Teachers
Longmont High $600.00 Various Book Titles
Skyline High $2,960.00 Vectorworks computer aided drafting software
Mead Middle $559.00 Digital Video Camera
Erie Elementary $910.00 Microsoft Office Software
Westview $4,303.15 Day Books
Skyline High $2,132.83 LCD Projector and Screen
Colorado Online Learning program $6,000.00 Overtime for teachers pay
Hygiene $280.00 Folk Music/Dance
Indian Peaks $1,146.20 32" Televisions
Indian Peaks $455.40 DVD/VCR Players
Sunset $4,000.00 Speaking Fee/Professional Dev