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Home Transactions - 10/21/2006

 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 6732 W. Coal Mine Ave., Ste. 434, Littleton, CO 80182. To have your name omitted from this list, call 303-979-9536.


April Rhodes from Tousa Homes Inc, 805 Summer Hawk Dr Unit X139, Longmont, $136,000, new, condo

David Kennedy from Jason Stein, 1601 Great Western Dr Unit M4, Longmont, $155,000, resale, condo

Gary & Karen Epperson from Wells Fargo Bank Trustee, 1250 Vivian St, Longmont, $159,000, new, house

Brandice Abernathy from Dana Morgan, 805 Summer Hawk Dr Unit H, Longmont, $176,900, resale, condo

Julie Read from Joyce Haynes, 1150 Sherman St, Longmont, $179,000, resale, house

Jan & Johan Gotlen from Credit Suisse First Bosto, 1248 Bross St, Longmont, $182,000, new, house

Carolyn Scarano from Scott Radewan, 2206 Sunrise Dr, Longmont, $185,000, resale, house

Lynn & Terrence Olson from Capital Advantage Investm, 1424 Whitehall Dr Unit D, Longmont, $205,000, new, condo

Helena & Akira Shirai from Manuel Banuelos, 1641 Willodene Dr, Longmont, $207,000, resale, house

Matilde Borrego from Shawn Serafini, 626 Hilltop St, Longmont, $210,000, resale, house

David & Jenny Baker from Bruce Rothermel, 1254 Trail Ridge Rd, Longmont, $210,500, resale, house

Timothy & Denise Neckers from Stuart Koci, 1322 Laurel Ct, Longmont, $222,500, resale, house

Alfonso Rodriquez from Paul Cornelison, 1368 S Terry St, Longmont, $227,500, resale, house

Kirk & Rebecca Shipley from Mark Finstrom, 1311 Cedarwood Dr, Longmont, $233,000, resale, house

Monique & Chadrick Garcia from Hans Kissner, 1328 Cumberland Dr, Longmont, $238,000, resale, house

Jann & Kipp Ertl from Chung Mo Chan Living Truts, 712 Martin St, Longmont, $240,000, new, house

Yin Zhou from Wells Fargo Bank Trustee, 550 Abbey Dr, Longmont, $240,000, new, house

Patricia Cowley from National Residential Nomi, 1203 Fall River Cir, Longmont, $250,000, new, house

Vincent & Cheryl Murphy from Malcolm Miller, 506 Cherrywood Dr, Longmont, $255,000, resale, house

Glenda Robinson from JP Morgan Chase Bank Trust, 1837 Lochmore Dr, Longmont, $260,000, new, house

Robert & Kimberly Gordon from Robert Marshall, 1614 Jamison Pl, Longmont, $265,000, resale, house

Marilee Degoede from George Sager, 1007 3rd Ave, Longmont, $272,500, resale, house

Lisa Lee from Susan Hopkins, 1200 Collyer St, Longmont, $294,000, resale, house

Mario & Delores Martella from Leona Stoecker, 829 Panorama Cir, Longmont, $420,000, resale, house

Gene & Wanda Schnabel from Ithaca Development, 1448 Ajax Way, Longmont, $441,400, new, house

Sharron & Gregory Gaudet from Joseph Smith, 1751 Montgomery Cir, Longmont, $605,000, resale, house

Giles & Elba Horrocks from Greybridge Home Co LLC, 1656 Stardance Cir, Longmont, $684,000, new, house

Linda & Qian Liang from Las Palmeras Inc, 1950 Main St, Longmont, $800,000, new, house

Suzanne Coons from Greybridge Home Co LLC, 1705 Stardance Cir, Longmont, $815,000, new, house

Lucino Gomez from 1727 Queens Drive LLC, 1727 Queens Dr, Longmont, $1,193,000, new, house

Mani Sharma from William Swift, 6877 Countryside Ln Unit 272, Longmont, $105,000, resale, condo

Alyn Rockwood from Judith March, 8044 Countryside Park Unit 228, Longmont, $176,000, resale, condo

William & Allison Bell from Jeremy Testerman, 635 Gooseberry Dr Unit 1702, Longmont, $177,000, resale, condo

Dennis Capps from James Capps, 9155 Rogers Rd, Longmont, $200,000, resale, house

Patricia Nagy from Christine Brautigam, 2305 N Shore Dr, Longmont, $239,500, resale, house

Alexander & Veronica Love from Patrick Sullivan, 6881 Totara Pl, Longmont, $249,000, resale, house

Patricia Mensinga from Douglas Golliher, 4238 Riley Dr, Longmont, $275,000, resale, house

Nathan & Paige Hartman from Elizabeth Millard, 816 Snowberry St, Longmont, $327,500, resale, house

David & Lori Crotser from CPH Longmont LLC, 4023 San Marco Dr, Longmont, $328,500, new, house

Raul & Cintia Ciorciari from CPH Longmont LLC, 4538 Portofino Dr, Longmont, $332,100, new, house

Carol Marsh from CPH Longmont LLC, 4526 Portofino Dr, Longmont, $363,600, new, house

Gretchen & John Rutherford from Katherine Biegelson, 7271 Timothy Pl, Longmont, $383,500, resale, house

Anton & Grace Roettenbacher from CPH Longmont LLC, 4546 Portofino Dr, Longmont, $390,300, new, house

Richard Conn from Michael Demuth, 9539 N 89th St, Longmont, $574,400, resale, house

James & Patricia Fox from Raintree Custom Homes Inc, 6690 Secretariat Dr, Longmont, $917,200, new, house

Thomas & Beth Williston from Henson Construction Inc, 7668 Portico Pl, Longmont, $1,510,000, new, house

Keith Wood from Quentin Glass, 12928 Waterbury Rd, Longmont, $232,500, resale, house

Edward & Lisa Schlagel from Christine Bonomo, 10135 Yellowstone Rd, Longmont, $425,000, resale, house

Janet Gibbs from KB Home Colo Inc, 10678 Forester Pl, Longmont, $138,000, new, house

Kristin Dionigi from KB Home Colo Inc, 10446 Butte Dr, Longmont, $150,000, new, house

Stephen Tilley from KB Home Colo Inc, 10444 Butte Dr, Longmont, $165,600, new, house

Nichalous & Jennife Kotecki from KB Home Colo Inc, 10430 Butte Dr, Longmont, $170,400, new, house


Robert & Judith Williams from Jutojaka Mountain Propert, 1065 Big Owl Rd, Allenspark, $125,000, new, house


Wayne & Sandra Crowley from Beneficial Mtg Co Colo, 315 Iowa Ave, Berthoud, $158,700, new, house

Stephanie & Ervin Klein from Ric Ruedin, 93 Sioux Dr, Berthoud, $272,000, resale, house

Kimberly Norris from Ron Quintana, 605 Joyce Ct, Berthoud, $300,000, resale, house

Robert & Ann Hards from Kelly Frank, 1415 County Road 36, Berthoud, $920,000, resale, condo


Charlene & Frederick Lott from Donna Downey, 609 Whiles Ct, Erie, $230,000, resale, house

Martin & Jennipher Jobe from Patricia Counter, 1268 Banner Cir, Erie, $276,000, resale, house

Ramon & Claudia Osuna from James Crane, 220 McDonald Ct, Erie, $315,500, resale, house

Kent Sabin from Tousa Homes Inc, 1281 McGregor Cir, Erie, $350,000, new, house

Tamara & Robert Krenz from KDB Homes Inc, 2155 Buttercup St., Erie, $300,900, new, house

Kathleen & Michael Guerrero from Cipriano Encinia, 1820 Pine St, Erie, $379,000, resale, house

Jeffrey & Robyn Schopmeyer from DR Horton Inc, 1717 Alpine Dr, Erie, $380,500, new, house

Ryan & Kevin Rodriguez from Melody Homes Inc, 1799 Alpine Dr, Erie, $431,200, new, house

Estes Park

Sonya Duckwall from Linda A Schneider Trust, 514 Grand Estates Dr Unit E1, Estes Park, $188,000, new, condo

Kevin & Cynthia Hand from Antlers Pointe Inc, 1515 Fish Hatchery Rd Unit 5, Estes Park, $200,000, new, condo

Trevor & Kem Wardlaw from Donald Debey, 2625 Marys Lake Rd Unit 12B, Estes Park, $260,000, resale, condo

Malvin Walker from Gaylan Friesenborg, 850 Big Horn Dr, Estes Park, $312,000, resale, house

John & Debra Dullaghan from Martha Sandford, 475 Pioneer Ln, Estes Park, $415,000, resale, house

Michael & Linda Streck from EP Devl LLC, 1605 Ziola Ct Unit 7, Estes Park, $499,000, new, condo


David & Lori Haan from Little Thompson Invest LL, 6286 Saddleback Ave, Firestone, $105,000, new, house

Jason Hansen from Journey Homes LLC, 9930 Cascade St, Firestone, $243,400, new, house


Shane Henman from Gerald Hernandez, 5904 E Conservation Dr, Frederick, $236,000, resale, house

Emily Beckmann from Centex Homes, 5725 Hickory Cir, Frederick, $247,200, new, house

Brett & Heidi Berringer from Advocate Land Co Inc, 8800 Welsh Ln, Frederick, $437,800, new, house

Karen & John Harris from Capital Pacific Holdings, 9350 Birch Rd, Frederick, $455,000, new, house

Fort Lupton

Nathaniel & Janine Michno from Jerry Adams, 15978 Dale Ave, Fort Lupton, $58,500, resale, house

T Goss from Willam G Janssen Family T, 1020 Park Ave, Fort Lupton, $176,000, new, house

Phillip & Connie Hargin from Richard Cadena, 945 S Hoover Ave, Fort Lupton, $224,000, resale, house

Bruce Bryan from Topaz Homes Inc, 1620 Ponderosa Ct, Fort Lupton, $230,000, new, house

Elizabeth from Calvin Hall, 8540 County Road 21, Fort Lupton, $305,000, resale, condo

notice of election and demand

Borrower: Kevin Moersch, Lender: Washington Mutual, Amount: $919,554, Property: 13173 N 57th St, Longmont, Filed: 09/22/06

Borrower: Clarence Stern, Lender: JP Morgan Chase Bank, Amount: $170,902, Property: 272 Wadsworth Cir, Longmont, Filed: 09/25/06

Borrower: Carlos Ordenez, Lender: Deutsche Bank, Amount: $167,588, Property: 521 Alpine St, Longmont, Filed: 09/25/06

Borrower: Andrew Romero, Lender: Deutsche Bank, Amount: $160,992, Property: 1512 19th Ave, Longmont, Filed: 09/26/06

Borrower: Guadalupe Mendoza, Lender: Suntrust Mtg Inc, Amount: $190,830, Property: 2048 Spencer St, Longmont, Filed: 09/26/06

Borrower: Alfredo Nevarez, Lender: Eugene Koehnke, Amount: $60,922, Property: 208 E 8th Ave, Longmont, Filed: 09/26/06

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