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Home Transactions - 10/14/2006

 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 6732 W. Coal Mine Ave., Ste. 434, Littleton, CO 80182. To have your name omitted from this list, call 303-979-9536.

Peter Sjostrand from Michael Maher, 335 9th Ave, Longmont, $132,900, resale, house

Diana Sanchez from Timothy Ehlers, 805 Summer Hawk Dr Unit N82, Longmont, $136,000, resale, condo

Amber Lane from Nehama Weininger, 51 21st Ave Unit 19, Longmont, $149,500, resale, condo

James & Michael Amsinger from Robert Clayton, 917 Alta St, Longmont, $163,000, resale, house

Thomas Smidt from Julie Webster, 51 21st Ave Unit 8, Longmont, $168,000, resale, condo

Colleen Milligan from Cheryl Woodland, 1626 Ervine Ave, Longmont, $168,500, resale, house

Migel Sanchez from Joseluis Recendiz, 907 21st Ave, Longmont, $177,500, resale, house

Christina Tai from Carmi Weininger, 233 E Longs Peak Ave, Longmont, $180,000, resale, house

Josef Cohen from Matthew Schwall, 2437 Spencer St, Longmont, $186,000, resale, house

William & Julia Reath from Donald Davis, 113 Granada Ct, Longmont, $194,000, resale, house

Clayton Buringa from Helen Wierema, 1043 15th Ave, Longmont, $195,000, resale, house

Lorena Martin from Kimberly Robbins, 1703 Whitehall Dr Unit 7C, Longmont, $195,000, resale, condo

Preston Whitfield from Farzad Valad, 966 Pasque Dr, Longmont, $205,000, resale, house

Noel & Catharine Salvatore from Beth Nichols, 958 Wolf Creek Dr, Longmont, $206,500, resale, house

Brian Frazier from W Chapman, 1223 Lincoln St, Longmont, $208,000, resale, house

James & Susan Kaiser from Carolyn Underwood, 1428 Whitehall Dr Unit D, Longmont, $208,000, resale, condo

Alice Gordon from Kevin Perkins, 1917 Rice St, Longmont, $211,900, resale, house

Evan & Joni Oldroyd from Tobey Bassoff, 106 4th Ave, Longmont, $218,000, resale, house

Donald Lunn from Sonoma Pinnacle LLC, 1122 Olympia Ave Unit G, Longmont, $220,000, new, condo

Ruben Flores from David Terry, 4 Exner Pl, Longmont, $225,000, resale, house

Enrique Chacon from Santiago Mosqueda, 830 Buchanan Ln, Longmont, $230,000, resale, house

Nick & Virginia Glorioso from Steven Miller, 2314 Santa Fe Dr, Longmont, $249,000, resale, house

Ronald & Wendla Thompson from Jerry Miller, 1009 E Longs Peak Ave, Longmont, $255,000, resale, house

Dung Huynh from Lynette Green, 1343 McClure Dr, Longmont, $257,500, resale, house

Karen Turner from Jeffrey Nazzaro, 1626 Bluefield Ave, Longmont, $282,500, resale, house

Joseph & Peggy Henderson from HB Development Corp, 435 Olympia Ave, Longmont, $306,600, new, house

Kevin & Jana Sunberg from Steven McCarthy, 1639 Harlequin Dr, Longmont, $335,000, resale, house

Stephen & Susan Saulnier from Rick Lizondo, 1092 Button Rock Dr, Longmont, $347,500, resale, house

Corey & Julie Martenson from Pamela Mulzer, 722 Gay St, Longmont, $349,900, resale, house

Douglas & D Cole from Travis Garrish, 2031 Bristol Ct, Longmont, $389,900, resale, house

Mikyong Hand from High Mark Construction LL, 1674 Stardance Cir, Longmont, $665,000, new, house

Katherine Crowder from Theresa Miller, 3104 Concord Way, Longmont, $215,000, resale, house

Brian & Amanda Wagner from Dennis Stokes, 3501 Larkspur Dr, Longmont, $236,000, resale, house

David & Linda Benner from Beth Whitman, 1517 Ithaca Ct, Longmont, $268,500, resale, house

Kier Kristensen from Capital Pacific Holdings, 4038 Arezzo Dr, Longmont, $285,000, new, house

Vicki Londerville from Sarah Hunt, 7522 Nikau Ct, Longmont, $287,500, resale, house

Donald & Dianne Davis from Harold A Sisk Living Trust, 9111 Jotipa Dr, Longmont, $300,000, new, house

Alan & Jamie Bennett from Patricia Finkel, 402 Widgeon Dr, Longmont, $352,500, resale, house

Andrew & Amy Visser from Donald Degroot, 818 Bittersweet Ln, Longmont, $380,000, resale, house

Martin Fick from Daya Khalsa, 5445 Mount Evans Pl, Longmont, $380,000, resale, house

Daniel & Mary Beckley from David Collier, 4181 Niblick Dr, Longmont, $769,000, resale, house

C & Barbara Robinson from Scott Construction Inc, 3711 Braeburn Pl, Longmont, $1,195,000, new, house

Amy Fosterklase from Village Homes Colorado Inc, 2195 Creekside Dr, Longmont, $174,900, new, house

Bruce & Lucy Massey from Steven Alderman, 2221 Barn Swallow Dr, Longmont, $365,000, resale, house

Isaac & Barry Gilinsky from Morgan Turner, 802 Half Measures Dr, Longmont, $439,000, resale, house

Catherine Peterson from Thomas Christensen, 1960 Emerald Dr, Longmont, $495,000, resale, house

Laura Winkel from Ronald Carder, 13841 N 115th St, Longmont, $720,000, resale, house

Mary Martinez from Mescal Poole, 3440 Forest Cyn, Longmont, $49,100, resale, house


Richard & Judith Moorehouse from Charles Mumper, 10096 State Highway 7, Allenspark, $215,000, resale, house


Robert & Tera Robben from Darcy Robben, 353 Colorado Ave, Berthoud, $125,000, resale, house

Fermin Maestas from Equifirst Mtg Loan Trust, 204 Sioux Dr, Berthoud, $225,500, new, house

Jill & William Wilson from Soichi Saida, 612 Joyce Ct, Berthoud, $450,000, resale, house


Thomas & Madelyn Tippin from Woodcrest Homes Inc, 250 Garfield St, Dacono, $280,000, new, house


Nancy & Charles Gilpin from Melissa Silva, 1532 Westin Dr, Erie, $210,000, resale, house

Mark Reidy from Daniel Baur, 327 Tynan Dr, Erie, $238,000, resale, house

Jon & Dawn Delay from Suzanne Keith, 1890 Gordon Dr, Erie, $278,000, resale, house

Timothy & Ami Larson from Michael Lieber, 1371 Lombardi St, Erie, $284,500, resale, house

Leslie Vera from Tousa Homes Inc, 189 Garfield Ln, Erie, $310,100, new, house

James & Jody Spence from Sirva Relocation Credit L, 1366 Allen Ave, Erie, $395,000, new, house

Colleen Miller from Ronald Hack, 1396 Allen Ave, Erie, $585,000, resale, house

Kimberly & Timothy Egan from Standard Pacific Colo Inc, 620 Gallegos St, Erie, $292,500, new, house

Brandon Wilson from Lisa Franklin, 1496 Hickory Dr, Erie, $330,000, resale, house

Marvin & Tia Larson from Standard Pacific Colo Inc, 727 Jarvis Dr, Erie, $349,500, new, house

Ronald & Donna Prosise from Morrison Homes Colo Inc, 947 Mircos St, Erie, $365,900, new, house

Donald & Leah Gavit from Morrison Homes Colo Inc, 500 Mazzini St, Erie, $469,200, new, house

Estes Park

Phil & Abby McLain from David Wagner, 228 Pinyon Trl, Estes Park, $86,000, resale, house

Jerry & Suzanne Cooper from Dennis Hurt, 499 MacGregor Ave, Estes Park, $202,000, resale, house

Everett & Virginia Hedrick from Bear Paw Suites LLC, 2100 Fall River Rd Unit 7, Estes Park, $225,000, new, condo

Janet & Mark Munson from Arlene Aslanian, 1909 Windcliff Dr, Estes Park, $275,000, resale, house

Rebecca Saltonstall from John Grasso, 565 Devon Dr Unit B, Estes Park, $365,000, resale, condo

Donald & Victoria Chasen from Gorski Living Trust Agree, 2220 Governors Ln, Estes Park, $1,339,000, new, house


Michael Porter from Lennar Colo LLC, 6275 Shenandoah Ave, Firestone, $256,200, new, house

Keith & Deborah Allen from Jeffrey Shumaker, 5791 Mt Shadows Blvd, Firestone, $305,000, resale, house

Terry & Constance Rutherford from Lennar Colo LLC, 11794 N Beasly Rd, Longmont, $368,500, new, house

Mike Macy from Ozette LLC, 6633 Tenderfoot Ave, Firestone, $385,000, new, house

Kenneth Grasman from Pintail Properties LLC, 6358 Saddleback Ave, Firestone, $520,000, new, house

Fort Lupton

Esther Garcia from Jose Rodriguez, 1317 5th St, Fort Lupton, $153,000, resale, house

William Oyler from Glenda Moody, 332 3rd St, Fort Lupton, $157,000, resale, house


Cody Lammers from Centex Homes, 7477 Hickory Cir, Frederick, $215,600, new, house

Pamela Smoot from Centex Homes, 7475 Hickory Cir, Frederick, $218,700, new, house

Duane Kirkmeyer from Carl Peoples, 5862 Pintail Way, Frederick, $250,000, resale, house

Drew & Nicole Wilson from Clark Bradley, 5132 Dvorak Cir, Frederick, $272,900, resale, house

Denise Hopkins from Bradley Fuller, 5791 W Conservation Dr, Frederick, $289,500, resale, house

Randy & Kathleen Liljenberg from Marquis Homes Inc, 5474 Gunnison Dr, Frederick, $326,000, new, house


David Przybilla from Plumb Constr Inc, 312 Disc Ln, Platteville, $224,200, new, house

Notice of election and demand

Borrower: Carrie Walter, Lender: Irwin Mortgage, Amount: $118,661, Property: 1207 Maclaughlin Ct, Dacono, Filed: 09/21/06

Borrower: Louis Daher, Lender: Us Bank, Amount: $238,780, Property: 188 Bonanza Dr, Erie, Filed: 09/21/06

Borrower: Louis Daher, Lender: Us Bank, Amount: $60,506, Property: 188 Bonanza Dr, Erie, Filed: 09/21/06

Borrower: Robert Taft, Lender: Washington Mutual, Amount: $207,823, Property: 10190 Dresden St, Firestone, Filed: 09/21/06

Borrower: Carl Piekarski, Lender: Lasalle Bank, Amount: $368,774, Property: 1855 Parkdale Cir N, Erie, Filed: 09/21/06

Borrower: Erin Brookman, Lender: Bank Of Ny, Amount: $193,600, Property: 250 Stonehaven Street Cir, Dacono, Filed: 09/22/06

Borrower: Linda Mchale, Lender: Lasalle Bank, Amount: $27,204, Property: 1323 4th St, Fort Lupton, Filed: 09/22/06

Borrower: Larry Stark, Lender: Ownit Mtg Solutions, Amount: $164,000, Property: 125 Erica Ct, Dacono, Filed: 09/22/06

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