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Home Transactions - 10/7/2006

 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 6732 W. Coal Mine Ave., Ste. 434, Littleton, CO 80182. To have your name omitted from this list, call 303-979-9536.


Michael Bishop from Sonoma Pinnacle LLC, 2321 Calais Dr Unit 1, Longmont, $128,000, new, condo

Brian Guse from Harriette Grigsby, 126 Bowen St, Longmont, $145,000, resale, house

Miriam Delcid from Fannie Mae, 929 Parker Dr, Longmont, $150,000, new, condo

Bill Velez from Jessica Buesing, 820 9th Ave, Longmont, $153,000, resale, house

Constance Keoghdwyer from Agnes Marr, 9 4th Ave, Longmont, $154,700, resale, house

Kristie Brown from Charles Schmidt, 1419 Red Mountain Dr Unit 97, Longmont, $160,000, resale, condo

Christine Rankine from Fannie Mae, 1057 Ponderosa Cir, Longmont, $162,000, new, house

Joseph Depaemelaere from John Eleanor Rogers Living Trust, 323 Chinook Ave, Longmont, $164,000, new, house

Richard & Robert Butler from Wells Fargo Bank Trustee, 1038 Ponderosa Cir, Longmont, $166,000, new, house

Douglas Southard from Deutsche Bank National Trust, 2108 Grant St, Longmont, $167,900, new, house

Richard & Gayle Vito from Bradford Nix, 835 Kane Dr Unit 25, Longmont, $176,000, resale, condo

Paul Stark from Wells Fargo Bank Trustee, 823 Lincoln St, Longmont, $177,500, new, house

Brian Greene from Walter Fillenworth, 2060 Main St, Longmont, $187,200, resale, house

Michael Pedersen from Richard Vito, 1049 Ponderosa Cir, Longmont, $190,000, resale, house

Lester Shor from Melanie Kerrigan, 1115 Sumac St, Longmont, $190,000, resale, house

Alexander & MacKinzie Murray from Patricia Frazier, 820 Vivian St, Longmont, $191,500, resale, house

Alvin & Linda Parker from Terry Lane, 1332 S Francis St, Longmont, $209,200, resale, house

Joshua & Suzanne Gruber from Anthony Urdiales, 1342 S Grant St, Longmont, $233,000, resale, house

Hugh & Christine Gibbons from John Rentz, 1130 Lefthand Dr, Longmont, $245,000, resale, house

John & Theresa Bradshaw from Beneficial Mortgage Co, 1720 Red Cloud Rd, Longmont, $259,000, new, house

Kevin & Mandi Krueger from Robert Stephenson, 1127 Button Rock Dr, Longmont, $272,500, resale, house

Charles Phelps from Leo Adams, 1119 Button Rock Dr, Longmont, $287,500, resale, house

Peter & Lisa Bain from Tousa Homes Inc, 1742 Whitefeather Dr, Longmont, $293,900, new, house

Billy & Joanne Kelley from Victor Barhite, 1448 16th Ave, Longmont, $300,000, resale, house

Amy Pfefer from Douglas Brandmier, 1211 Collyer St, Longmont, $326,000, resale, house

Angela Weibel from Jack Cutter, 636 Crawford Cir, Longmont, $344,900, resale, house

Ann Reed from William Riss, 415 Bowen St, Longmont, $425,000, resale, house

Jeffery & Carolyn Mihaichuk from Theresa Wagner, 1710 Montgomery Cir, Longmont, $675,000, resale, house

Christopher & Sara Fahlin from Russell Williams, 3536 Foxtail Pl, Longmont, $260,000, resale, house

Dale & Stephanie Horvath from Capital Pacific Holdings, 4022 Arezzo Dr, Longmont, $295,000, new, house

Edmond & Marjeta Sade from CPH Longmont LLC, 4015 San Marco Dr, Longmont, $300,000, new, house

John & Janice Carnes from Barrie Alioth, 926 Champion Cir, Longmont, $335,000, resale, house

Denise Cruz from RK Rentals LLC, 408 Widgeon Dr, Longmont, $384,900, new, house

Ed Longanecker from Legend Ridge Limited Part, 6552 Legend Ridge Trl, Longmont, $389,000, new, house

Bryan & Sarah Young from Jason Innes, 5507 Gunbarrel Rd, Longmont, $405,000, resale, house

Michael & Heidi Trueblood from Tongqian Chen, 4015 Riley Dr, Longmont, $430,000, resale, house

Keow Ng from Lennar Colorado LLC, 1548 Turin Dr, Longmont, $456,000, new, house

Bryan & Holly Reid from Lennar Colorado LLC, 1619 Turin Dr, Longmont, $481,000, new, house

William & Dana Riss from Albert Horton, 2726 Madison Dr, Longmont, $510,000, resale, house

Kristen Sojourner from Jane Dillon, 7947 Neva Rd, Longmont, $545,000, resale, house

James & Kirstie Reichers from Robert Haas, 8547 Waterford Way, Longmont, $868,000, resale, house

Robert & Phyllis Bert from David Nale, 14937 E County Line Rd, Longmont, $920,000, resale, house

Dennis & Diane Miller from Hometown AM Management LL, 3304 Far Vw, Longmont, $58,800, new, house

Joseph Laugel from Neighborhood Inc, 3656 Stagecoach Rd Unit 204, Longmont, $71,900, new, condo

Angel Cervantes from Julio Mira, 10652 Durango Pl, Longmont, $175,000, resale, house

Jeanette Osborne from Peter Gries, 11685 Montgomery Cir, Longmont, $380,000, resale, house


Laura Baker from Scott Family Trust, 1409 N 4th St, Berthoud, $185,000, new, house

Heather Loffreda from Jacob Edge, 932 N 4th St, Berthoud, $216,000, resale, house

Frederick & Julie Galley from Robert Norris, 339 Iowa Ave, Berthoud, $220,000, resale, house


Heidi King from Stanley Owens, 1208 MacTavish St, Dacono, $52,000, resale, house

Shannan Steele from Gregory Stein, 150 Erica Ct, Dacono, $220,000, resale, house

Carlos Roseney from Richmond AM Homes Colo In, 210 Garfield St, Dacono, $230,900, new, house

Griffin & Wendi Yopp from Richmond AM Homes Colo In, 4585 Sedona Ln, Dacono, $261,900, new, house


Kristi Cady from Bruce Megan Fischer Living, 1215 N Davenport Ct, Erie, $264,900, new, house

Scott Chavkin from James Dawson, 3214 Billington Dr, Erie, $265,000, resale, house

Philip & Susan Couch from Lucinda Duncan, 1749 MacCullen Dr, Erie, $355,100, resale, house

Deborah & William Greer from Eric Luke, 3065 Stevens Cir N, Erie, $560,000, resale, house

John & Heather Nehls from Cottonwood Vista, 906 Reese Ct, Erie, $730,900, new, house

Elizabeth Elliott from KDB Homes Inc, 2273 Alpine Dr, Erie, $278,000, new, house

Scott & Janet Sloat from Standard Pacific Colo Inc, 943 Eichhorn Dr, Erie, $303,000, new, house

Melvin Cannon from Susan Bicknell, 4627 Anne Pl, Erie, $328,000, resale, house

Michael & Lisa Haight from Morrison Homes Colo Inc, 920 Zodo Ave, Erie, $345,600, new, house

Estes Park

Blake & Susan Robertson from Dennis Hurt, 458 Chiquita Ln, Estes Park, $120,000, resale, house

George & Cynthia Smith from Joe Dowdey, 514 Grand Estates Dr Unit D5, Estes Park, $192,500, resale, condo

Alex & William Blank from Whitney Elkins, 2208 Eagle Cliff Rd, Estes Park, $225,000, resale, house

Tami Martinez from Jean Hall, 1400 David Dr, Estes Park, $235,000, resale, condo

William Townsend from Washington Mutual Bank, 250 Granite Ln, Estes Park, $250,000, new, house

Craig & Cynthia Patterson from Bear Paw Suites LLC, 2100 Fall River Rd Unit 6, Estes Park, $315,000, new, condo

Calvin West from Larry Blinn, 653 Cedar Ridge Cir, Estes Park, $339,000, resale, condo

Larry & Karen Blinn from Mathes Living Trust, 1991 Morris Ct N, Estes Park, $349,900, new, house

John & Laurel Gehlhaus from Kathleen Cotten, 647 Park River Pl, Estes Park, $350,000, resale, condo

Robert & Cynthia Buettner from William McFarland, 361 Longs Peak Rd, Estes Park, $380,000, resale, house

John & Beverly Baney from John Vanarsdale, 1600 Wapiti Cir Unit 42, Estes Park, $430,000, resale, condo

Kenneth & Pamela Currie from Thomas Engles, 1285 Chasm Dr, Estes Park, $550,000, resale, house


James & Cherissa Lambert from Centex Homes, 7474 Hickory Cir, Frederick, $204,100, new, house

Jeremy Rupp from Centex Homes, 7471 Hickory Cir, Frederick, $230,200, new, house

Lisa Caplan from Advocate Land Co Inc, 5511 Triple Crown Dr, Frederick, $327,400, new, house

Carlo & Jo Diperna from Advocate Land Co Inc, 8804 Mustang Dr, Frederick, $334,900, new, house


Ray Brown from Weichert Relocation Resou, 6914 Summerset Ave, Firestone, $218,500, new, house

Phil & Alicia Puckett from Parkside Homes LLC, 6253 Utica Ave, Firestone, $272,700, new, house

Brian & Dara Berglund from Advocate Land Co Inc, 5924 Thistle Ridge Ave, Firestone, $289,000, new, house

Toni & Henry Loomis from Pintail Properties LLC, 6130 Sage Ave, Firestone, $375,000, new, house

Steven & Erin Saunders from Melody Homes Inc, 6925 Tenderfoot Ave, Firestone, $379,000, new, house

Fort Lupton

Felix Soto from Real Team Ventures, 436 Pacific Ave, Fort Lupton, $150,000, new, house

John & Tiffan Yacovetta from Dwayne Montrose, 906 Cottonwood Ct, Fort Lupton, $150,000, resale, house

Jesus Quinones from Reymundo Pacheco, 1731 Oak St, Fort Lupton, $160,000, resale, house

Susan Jewellklema from 650 S Broadway Trust, 650 S Broadway Ave, Fort Lupton, $292,000, new, house


Nelda Carinder from Rei LLC, 16500 Badminton Rd N, Platteville, $91,000, new, house

Nicholus & Ko Albrandt from Plumb Constr Inc, 400 Harrow Ln, Platteville, $175,200, new, house

Annette Price from George Davis, 15575 County Road 25, Platteville, $253,500, resale, condo

Foreclosures notice of election and demand

Borrower: Rodger Cotton, Lender: Bank Of NY, Amount: $160,323, Property: 2139 Hackberry Cir, Longmont, Filed: 09/05/06

Borrower: Carl McIntyre, Lender: World Savings Bank, Amount: $508,565, Property: 6641 Golf Club Dr, Longmont, Filed: 09/06/06

Borrower: Philip Wheeler, Lender: Wells Fargo, Amount: $162,137, Property: 1829 Alpine St, Longmont, Filed: 09/06/06

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