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Home Transactions - 9/23/2006

 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 6732 W. Coal Mine Ave., Ste. 434, Littleton, CO 80182. To have your name omitted from this list, call 303-979-9536.


Denise Cone from Bank New York, 1346 Sunset St Unit 3, Longmont, $115,900, new, condo

Debbie Weddelman from Fannie Mae, 1601 Great Western Dr Unit F7, Longmont, $148,000, new, condo

John Springer from Fannie Mae, 117 Dawson Pl, Longmont, $170,600, new, house

James & Kamila Schauer, 2119 Frontier St, Longmont, $178,000, new, house

Kyle Sandoval from Ami Larson, 2353 Sunrise Dr, Longmont, $184,500, resale, house

Gabriel Martinez from Lois M Miller Living Trust, 1803 Meadow St, Longmont, $185,900, new, house

Hannah Keoghdwyer from Rick Dickinson, 14th Ave, Longmont, $187,500, resale, house

Megan Kishner from Marvin J Wadle Trust, 911 Collyer St, Longmont, $188,000, new, house

John & Sharla Self from Washington Mutual Bank, 187 Wetterhorn Way, Longmont, $204,900, new, house

Arthur & Glena Melting from Marian Janss, 1707 Lefthand Dr, Longmont, $208,500, resale, house

Jeremiah Lang from Busch Properties Inc, 1249 Fremont Ct, Longmont, $209,500, new, house

Concepcion Trejo from Antonio Zamora, 1335 Wilkerson Way, Longmont, $216,400, resale, house

Sumi & Allen Ting from Michael Jacobs, 1216 Redbird St, Longmont, $230,000, resale, house

Nyla McElroy from Tousa Homes Inc, 617 Deerwood Dr, Longmont, $254,400, new, house

George & Elayne Best from Charles Wennermark, 736 Brookside Dr, Longmont, $260,300, resale, house

Wendy Fleischman from Tyler Stienike, 2201 Santa Fe Dr, Longmont, $295,000, resale, house

Richard Baker from Tousa Homes Inc, 1816 Whitefeather Dr, Longmont, $297,600, new, house

Donald & Nancy Cook from Tousa Homes Inc, 511 Deerwood Dr, Longmont, $301,100, new, house

Billy & Lela Osborne from Kempf Trust, 1711 Grove Ct, Longmont, $322,500, new, house

Michael & Rosa Ryan from Roy Howard, 1202 Winslow Cir, Longmont, $353,500, resale, house

Nathan & Brenda Lord from Conway Development Co, 1814 Jefferson Ave, Longmont, $409,000, new, house

Teresa & Mathew Draper from Becker Communities LLC, 1937 Wasach Dr, Longmont, $969,500, new, house

Steven & Leslie Kaczeus from Sara Lee, 6812 Camelia Ct, Longmont, $300,000, resale, house

Douglas Logan from Richard Leary, 4526 Calabria Pl, Longmont, $335,000, resale, house

James & Nancy Richey from Greg Peterson, 5679 Boulder Hills Dr, Longmont, $506,000, resale, house

Randy & Gretchen Johnson from Paul Petrica, 5599 Niwot Rd, Longmont, $523,500, resale, house

M & Colette O’Grady from Michael Scally, 8428 Firethorn Ct, Longmont, $1,775,000, resale, house

Justina Sanchez from KB Home Colo Inc, 10429 Butte Dr, Longmont, $170,600, new, house

Jesse & Retta Watts from KB Home Colo Inc, 10425 Butte Dr, Longmont, $192,200, new, house

Louis Baldwin from KB Home Colo Inc, 10434 Butte Dr, Longmont, $192,500, new, house

John & Carole Matthews from Lennar Colo LLC, 11786 N Beasly Rd, Longmont, $399,300, new, house

Nolan & Alison Polson from Lennar Colo LLC, 11791 N Beasly Rd, Longmont, $410,000, new, house


Emily Calhoun from Robert E Hinshaw Living Trust, 276 Lab Rd, Allenspark, $350,000, new, house


Tiffany & Douglas Tilton from Aurora Federal Credit Union, 558 S 9th St, Berthoud, $240,000, new, house


Walter Pantoja from Dean Harmon Hailey LLC, 1035 Glen Creighton Dr, Dacono, $63,900, new, house

Rene Luna from Lasalle Bank, 1016
MacDavidson Cir, Dacono, $100,500, new, house

Rahim & Zahra Allarakhia from Richmond America Homes Colo In, 530 Andrew Dr, Dacono, $195,500, new, house

Rex Coulthard from Joshua Gill, 650 Elizabeth Street Cir, Dacono, $197,900, resale, house

Erich & Christa Haakmeester from Richmond America Homes Colo In, 4578 Sedona Ln, Dacono, $381,500, new, house


Brian & Nicole Baer from Ryan Worobel, 703 McClure Ct, Erie, $300,000, resale, house

David & Mildred Masson from Tousa Homes Inc, 202 McGregor Cir, Erie, $349,900, new, house

Scott & Susan Lamb from Tousa Homes Inc, 1249 McGregor Cir, Erie, $362,300, new, house

Ronald MacDonald from Tousa Homes Inc, 188 Northrup Dr, Erie, $374,300, new, house

Frederick & Susan Yates from Matthew McGee, 968 Pope Dr, Erie, $374,900, resale, house

Neil Kjack from Thomas Gogerty, 11974 Kenosha Rd, Erie, $480,000, resale, house

Shane & Corina Wagner from Thomas Morton, 240 Gallagher Ct, Erie, $138,000, resale, house

Joyce Donley from VRC Devl LLC, 2900 Blue Sky Cir Unit 5, Erie, $187,900, new, condo

Rebecca Reichenbach from VRC Devl LLC, 2955 Blue Sky Cir Unit 6, Erie, $201,600, new, condo

Jason & Uta Theune from Kbone LLC, 106 Bonanza Dr, Erie, $269,900, new, house

Jerome & Karen Rubom from Standard Pacific Colo Inc, 952 Petras St, Erie, $281,800, new, house

William Fligg from Standard Pacific Colo Inc, 916 Petras St, Erie, $292,700, new, house

Robert Landry from Susan Soltis, 1402 Catalpa Pl, Erie, $314,900, resale, house

Darcy & Michael Petersen from Christopher Arvidson, 2353 Dogwood Cir, Erie, $355,000, resale, house

Scott & Wendy McAllister from Melody Homes Inc, 1243 Serene Dr, Erie, $422,300, new, house

Andrew & Cynthia Decker from Melody Homes Inc, 1273 Serene Dr, Erie, $436,600, new, house

Patrick Karamian from Woodcrest Homes Inc, 2457 Vale Way, Erie, $509,100, new, house

Jay & Susan Schryver from Melody Homes Inc, 2278 Primrose Ln, Erie, $526,500, new, house

Estes Park

Karen Kavka from Duane C Ratz Revocable Trust, 910 Riverside Dr, Estes Park, $135,000, new, house

Todd & Jody Heins from Andrew Collins, 1341 David Dr, Estes Park, $139,000, resale, house

Timothy Burchett from Charles Yohe, 1861 Raven Ave Unit H2, Estes Park, $225,000, resale, condo

Calvin & Linda Polland from Barbara Hainley, 1524 Vista View Ln, Estes Park, $279,000, resale, house

Butch & Jan McCown from Estes Bldrs LLC, 159 Stanley Circle Dr, Estes Park, $370,000, new, house

Claudia Menard from Mountainview Vacation LLC, 720 Black Canyon Dr Unit C, Estes Park, $379,500, new, condo

Carol & Clarenc Eastham from Frank Dumont, 675 Freeland Ct, Estes Park, $465,000, resale, house


John & Brenda Firth from Melody Homes Inc, 6718 Thistle Ridge Ave, Firestone, $290,300, new, house

Daniel Hoffart from Bradley Lewis, 6774 Silverleaf Ave, Firestone, $293,000, resale, house

Thomas Morey from Melody Homes Inc, 6798 Sunburst Ave, Firestone, $295,000, new, house

Janice Canon from Ozette LLC, 6607 Tenderfoot Ave, Firestone, $355,000, new, house

Julie Shires from Strathmore Homes I Inc, 10335 Cherryvale St, Firestone, $355,000, new, house

Julie Shires from Strathmore Homes I Inc, 10323 Cherryvale St, Firestone, $392,000, new, house

Susanne Zar from Champoux Holdings LLC, 6675 Tenderfoot Ave, Firestone, $400,000, new, house

Nathan & Wendy Holst from Strathmore Homes I Inc, 10345 Cherryvale St, Firestone, $409,000, new, house

Gus Ruppel from Strathmore Homes I Inc, 10355 Cherryvale St, Firestone, $409,000, new, house

Elaine Shaver from Nicholas Lapaseotes, 10167 Devonshire St, Firestone, $485,000, resale, house


James McCallum from Vic Nahmias, 9030 Drake Way, Frederick, $65,400, resale, house

Shannon & Jamie Thompson from Fannie Mae, 5466 Fox Run Blvd, Frederick, $188,000, new, house

George Rusk from Centex Homes, 7481 Hickory Cir, Frederick, $213,000, new, house

Samuel & Martha Dice from Mark Leinweber, 5348 Badger Ln, Frederick, $228,000, resale, house

Sandra Wenzler from Centex Homes, 7473 Hickory Cir, Frederick, $248,400, new, house

Fort Lupton

Karin Heyne from Gary Redabaugh, 237 7th St, Fort Lupton, $173,000, resale, house

Michael Blossom from David Mitchell, 1202 6th St, Fort Lupton, $253,500, resale, house

Cynthia Hutt from Mary Kilker, 2271 Tate Ave, Fort Lupton, $320,000, resale, house


W Hale from Citifinancial Corp, 507 Grand Ave, Platteville, $64,900, new, house

Eleuterio Chavez from Fed Home Loan Mtg Corp, 501 Melody Ln, Platteville, $80,000, new, house

Nathan & Andrea Adams from Bonnie Mulligan, 16489 Fairbanks Dr S, Platteville, $81,000, resale, house

Joshua Penfold from Betty L Reiter Living Trust, 1503 Carmelita Ct, Platteville, $122,500, new, house

Foreclosures — notice of election and demand

Borrower: Rob Duran, Lender: Washington Mutual, Amount: $271,111, Property: 1215 Reserve Dr, Longmont, Filed: 08/28/06

Borrower: Rob Davis, Lender: JP Morgan Chase Bank, Amount: $142,000, Property: 39 Powder Horn Pl, Longmont, Filed: 08/28/06

Borrower: Silvano Deluca, Lender: Guaranty Bank Trust Co, Amount: $445,064, Property: 2417 3rd Ave, Longmont, Filed: 08/29/06

Borrower: Keith Hart, Lender: US Bank, Amount: $213,331, Property: 1764 Gay St, Longmont, Filed: 08/30/06

Borrower: Armando Hernandez, Lender: Washington Mutual, Amount: $179,998, Property: 10669 Forester Pl, Longmont, Filed: 09/01/06

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