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Home Transactions - 9/16/2006

 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 6732 W. Coal Mine Ave., Ste. 434, Littleton, CO 80182. To have your name omitted from this list, call 303-979-9536.


George Hilton from WM Specialty Mortgage LLC, 305 Southridge Pl, Longmont, $101,000, new, house

Luann Klida from Michael Wertz, 1601 Great Western Dr Unit J6, Longmont, $150,000, resale, condo

Jimmy Mora from Hutchings Family Trust, 915 Timber Ct, Longmont, $155,000, new, house

Daniel & Heather Milburn from Marshall Horvath, 930 Button Rock Dr Unit R, Longmont, $158,500, resale, condo

Diane Roggow from Ryan Dejana, 1703 Whitehall Dr Unit 5A, Longmont, $182,000, resale, condo

Timothy & Rhonda Povich from James Danzl, 2455 Tulip St, Longmont, $199,900, resale, house

George & Michelle Tusinski from Jesse Adams, 1725 Tulip St, Longmont, $200,000, resale, house

Dan & Barbara McCormick from Sonoma Pinnacle LLC, 2307 Calais Dr Unit G, Longmont, $204,000, new, condo

Justin & Jennifer Young from Susan Carriere, 2120 Medford St, Longmont, $221,500, resale, house

Lorretta Eldridge from Thomas Mercier, 2100 Medford St, Longmont, $248,500, resale, house

Ross Nelson from Benjamin Cartledge, 1218 Fremont Ct, Longmont, $252,000, resale, house

Bryan & Sandra Cowsert from Kerrie Badertscher, 1432 Serenity Cir, Longmont, $254,900, resale, house

John & Susan Rickert from Matthew Wood, 701 Rider Ridge Dr, Longmont, $327,900, resale, house

Matthew & Susan Wood from Billy Osborne, 320 Glenview Ct, Longmont, $347,500, resale, house

John & Evelyn Maher from Thomas Bragg, 835 Panorama Cir, Longmont, $515,000, resale, house

Michael & Jackie Barnsley from Centerra Homes Inc, 1509 Orion Pl, Longmont, $679,300, new, house

Gerald & Deborah Ryan from Sopris Development LLC, 517 Little Fox Ct, Longmont, $831,800, new, house

Seok Kim from Petroleum Management LLC, 1800 Boston Ave, Longmont, $1,150,000, new, house

Martin & Kim Magill from Rosemary Ames, 7075 Brigadoon Dr, Longmont, $200,000, resale, house

H Haas from Elaine Barker, 815 Timothy Dr, Longmont, $260,300, resale, house

John & Kelli Norland from Karen Olson, 655 Nelson Park Ln, Longmont, $267,000, resale, house

Heath & Alissa Orvis from Lauri Herbert, 3821 Florentine Dr, Longmont, $295,000, resale, house

Jeremy Rodgers from Scott Kameron, 3955 Da Vinci Dr, Longmont, $305,000, resale, house

Ryan & Olivia Dejana from Diane Roggow, 1147 Columbia Dr, Longmont, $349,500, resale, house

Jennifer & Michael Turpin from Bobbie Freitas, 3964 Da Vinci Dr, Longmont, $460,000, resale, house

Esther & Georg Kleine from James Thomas, 7111 Dry Creek Ct, Longmont, $525,000, resale, house

Sondra & Andrew Greene from Ernst Ridinger, 8520 Stirrup Ln, Longmont, $543,700, resale, house

Becca Oconnor from Christine Mayer, 8003 N 63rd St, Longmont, $2,000,000, resale, house

Christoper Vincent from Lore Ruebesam, 2052 Summitview Dr, Longmont, $561,200, resale, house

James & Janet Baker from Neighborhood Inc, 3656 Stagecoach Rd Unit 205, Longmont, $73,400, new, condo

Wendy Curtis from KB Home Colo Inc, 10677 Forester Pl, Longmont, $148,100, new, house

Corbu & Ellen Stathes from KB Home Colo Inc, 10686 Forester Pl, Longmont, $181,800, new, house

Jennifer Kalisch from KB Home Colo Inc, 10442 Butte Dr, Longmont, $187,900, new, house

James & Jennifer Fraser from Lennar Colo Inc, 10217 Dover St, Firestone, $260,900, new, house

Tony Mears from Gallery Homes Inc, 11781 N Beasly Rd, Longmont, $460,000, new, house

Chuck & Kathryn Nelson from Linda Erlinger, 1962 Meadow Vale Rd, Longmont, $490,000, resale, house


William & Karen Miller from Thomas Noonan, 1312 N County Road 31, Berthoud, $222,600, resale, condo

Glenn & Gregory Alexander from Carlos Gonzalez, 300 E Michigan Ave, Berthoud, $239,000, resale, house

Kevin & Lore Ruebesam from Brian Harris, 1100 Navajo Pl, Berthoud, $273,500, resale, house

Dennis Hoff from Keith Marshall, 5222 W County Road 6, Berthoud, $485,000, resale, condo

Harvey & Monica Bauer from Anglea Weibel, 900 N County Road 19, Berthoud, $525,000, resale, condo

Booth Dr, Longmont, Filed: 08/28/06

Borrower: Joel Batrez, Lender: Countrywide, Amount: $169,493, Property: 341 Florence Ave, Firestone, Filed: 08/28/06

Borrower: Jackie Merrill, Lender: First Bank, Amount: $69,500, Property: 11086 Thunderbird, Longmont, Filed: 08/28/06

Borrower: Park Theater Mall LLC, Lender: Rogers Wolfe Properties LP, Amount: $500,000, Property: 116 Elkhorn Ave, Estes Park, Filed: 08/28/06

Borrower: Daniel A Lewakowski, Lender: Lasalle Bk, Amount: $537,644, Property: 16700 Dakota Ridge Rd, Longmont, Filed: 08/30/06

Borrower: Jason S & Serena L Henning, Lender: Aurora Loan Services LLC, Amount: $181,200, Property: 411 Driftwood Ave, Estes Park, Filed: 08/30/06Erie

Gail Staehlin from Michael Ryan, 376 Conrad Dr, Erie, $270,000, resale, house

Paul & Caryne Shoning from Steven Danver, 1346 Nonaham Ln, Erie, $315,000, resale, house

Anthony & Jennifer Palazzolo from Michael Turpin, 1325 Nonaham Ln, Erie, $336,000, resale, house

Ryan Schroeder from Swsan Kchik, 2291 Linden Pl, Erie, $365,000, resale, house

Dennis & Bonnie Brooks from Morrison Homes Colo Inc, 899 Lasnik St, Erie, $379,400, new, house

Dennis & Ellen Stokes from Randy Konja, 834 Lawson Way, Erie, $470,000, resale, house

Randi Vargas from Dawn McLane, 1463 Northridge Dr, Erie, $520,000, resale, house

Estes Park

Blake & Julie Bischoff from Daniel Gruppo, 2111 Eagle Cliff Rd Unit 2, Estes Park, $140,000, resale, condo

John & Linda Wyatt from Ronald Colburn, 220 Virginia Dr Unit 7, Estes Park, $159,000, resale, condo

Jennifer Boettner from Stanley Avenue Condos LLC, 454 Stanley Ave, Estes Park, $172,000, new, condo

Kevin Geisler from Jeri Barleenrasmussen, 1441 Cedar Ln, Estes Park, $269,000, resale, house

Mark & Renae Adelmann from William Hammond, 2290 Eagle Cliff Rd, Estes Park, $275,000, resale, house

Michael & Chelsey Lemke from Richard Scherling, 557 Grand Estates Dr, Estes Park, $335,000, resale, house

Rhonda & Todd Saemisch from Christine English, 146 Stanley Circle Dr, Estes Park, $335,000, resale, house

Glea & Diane Ramey from Mountainview Vacations LL, 722 Black Canyon Dr Unit D, Estes Park, $395,000, new, condo

James & Deborah Kiple from John Skelly, 991 Woodland Ct, Estes Park, $585,000, resale, house

Fort Lupton

Alan & Amanda Gallegos from Sammie Gallegos, 815 12th St, Fort Lupton, $105,000, resale, house

John & Jamie Madsen from Household Fin Corp, 279 Ponderosa Pl, Fort Lupton, $112,500, new, house

Manuel Sandoval from Glenn Scott, 725 S McKinley Ave, Fort Lupton, $186,700, resale, house

Joseph Powell from Lasalle Bk, 110 W Hill Ct, Fort Lupton, $296,000, new, house


Carol Berdahl from Robert McLaughlin, 513 David Ct, Platteville, $169,500, resale, house

Foreclosures notice of election and demand

Borrower: Alma Munoz, Lender: Wells Fargo, Amount: $72,987, Property: 225 E 8th Ave Apt E2, Longmont, Filed: 08/18/06

Borrower: Karen Antley, Lender: JP Morgan Chase, Amount: $250,707, Property: 41 Princeton Cir, Longmont, Filed: 08/18/06

Borrower: Montee Carpio, Lender: Residential Funding Corp, Amount: $134,594, Property: 1601 Great Western Dr Unit I3, Longmont, Filed: 08/21/06

Borrower: Mark Cordova, Lender: Washington Mutual, Amount: $73,114, Property: 225 E 8th Ave Apt F9, Longmont, Filed: 08/22/06

Borrower: Ronald Berry, Lender: Countrywide Home Loans, Amount: $224,048, Property: 2423 Meadow St, Longmont, Filed: 08/22/06

Borrower: Fidel Chavezrubio, Lender: US Bank, Amount: $215,177, Property: 1254 Fremont Ct, Longmont, Filed: 08/22/06

Borrower: Betty Culbertson, Lender: Wells Fargo, Amount: $108,573, Property: 518 Martin St, Longmont, Filed: 08/22/06

Borrower: Robert Duran, Lender: Norlarco Credit Union, Amount: $21,485, Property: 1215 Reserve Dr, Longmont, Filed: 08/23/06

Borrower: Raymondo Martinez, Lender: JP Morgan, Amount: $187,552, Property: 301 River View Ct, Longmont, Filed: 08/23/06

Borrower: Jorge Crespo, Lender: Deutsche Bank, Amount: $251,731, Property: 2413 Flagstaff Dr, Longmont, Filed: 08/24/06

Borrower: Richard Higgs, Lender: Chase Home Finance, Amount: $168,129, Property: 1718 Lashley St, Longmont, Filed: 08/24/06

Borrower: Shannon Dujardin, Lender: Natl City Bank, Amount: $193,422, Property: 11263 Dover St, Firestone, Filed: 08/22/06

Borrower: Jayson Hart, Lender: Deutsche Bank, Amount: $161,436, Property: 901 Elm Ct, Fort Lupton, Filed: 08/24/06

Borrower: John Martin, Lender: Lasalle Bank, Amount: $191,584, Property: 4440 County Road 37, Fort Lupton, Filed: 08/24/06

Borrower: Fred Agnew, Lender: Irwin Mtg Corp, Amount: $170,315, Property: 357 Smith Cir, Erie, Filed: 08/24/06

Borrower: James Wrenfrow, Lender: Countrywide, Amount: $193,623, Property: 1672 County Road 11, Erie, Filed: 08/26/06

Borrower: Mary Anderson, Lender: Deutsche Bank, Amount: $152,314, Property: 1104 Lancaster Ave, Fort Lupton, Filed: 08/28/06

Borrower: Daniel Arneson, Lender: Bank Of America, Amount: $258,822, Property: 5893

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