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Home Transactions - 9/9/2006

 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 6732 W. Coal Mine Ave., Ste. 434, Littleton, CO 80182. To have your name omitted from this list, call 303-979-9536.


Steven Volenec from GMAC Mortgage Corp, 724 James St, Longmont, $155,600, new, house

Steve Carrillo from Carolyn Roe, 34 Merideth Ln, Longmont, $159,000, resale, house

Troy Martinez from Warren Fray, 931 Pinon Ct, Longmont, $164,300, resale, house

Jason & Sarah Norman from Jesse Lee, 1545 Collyer St, Longmont, $170,000, resale, house

Jess Barkley from Verna Plank, 100 Anniversary Ln, Longmont, $172,000, resale, house

Jimmy & Julie Travis from Brett Crall, 1128 Meadow St, Longmont, $176,000, resale, house

Josh Wright from Jim Berry, 1228 Baker St, Longmont, $185,000, resale, house

Susan Rink from Lemoyne Monson, 2160 Hackberry Cir, Longmont, $185,900, resale, house

Jose Rodriquez from Steven Podel, 803 S Gay St, Longmont, $195,000, resale, house

Patrick Bacalis from Randal Sick, 1909 Tyler Ave, Longmont, $198,000, resale, house

Joaquin & Jocy Armas from Roger Reinking, 125 Forsyth Dr, Longmont, $200,000, resale, house

Lori Joy from Wells Fargo Bank, 2155 Stuart St, Longmont, $202,000, new, house

Judith & James Hilbrands from Longmont Church Nazarene, 1526 Cedarwood Dr, Longmont, $209,000, new, house

Adrian Card from GMAC Global Relocation Sv, 1357 Trail Ridge Rd, Longmont, $209,500, new, house

Brandon Moquist from Cartus Fin Corp, 1337 S Grant St, Longmont, $214,000, new, house

Penny & John Baker from Sonoma Pinnacle LLC, 1152 Olympia Ave Unit C, Longmont, $234,500, new, condo

Allan John from Calco Properties LLC, 627 Main St, Longmont, $245,000, new, house

Glenn Stoakes from Ronald Daniel, 720 Martin St, Longmont, $276,000, resale, house

Gregory Miller from Christopher Hoover, 1510 Harlequin Dr, Longmont, $330,800, resale, house

Ken Waneka from Sonoma Pinnacle LLC, 2218 Calais Dr Unit B, Longmont, $361,700, new, condo

Timothy & Heather Chambers from C Elm, 521 Collyer St, Longmont, $376,300, resale, house

Helen Hoffman from Alice Muro, 809 Arrowood St, Longmont, $233,700, resale, house

Brian Kelly from Patrick McIlvaney, 5712 Mount Sanitas Ave, Longmont, $251,300, resale, house

Holly Werth from Alicia Smoot, 3590 Larkspur Dr, Longmont, $280,000, resale, house

Mohammad & Dana Karbassi from Denise Cone, 8068 Meadowdale Sq, Longmont, $290,000, resale, house

Kevin & Lynne Keely from Cartus Fin Corp, 1711 Turin Dr, Longmont, $295,800, new, house

Jason Neale from CPH Longmont LLC, 4019 San Marco Dr, Longmont, $307,900, new, house

Ronald Weaver from Ki Tribbett, 1634 Mountain Dr, Longmont, $335,000, resale, house

James Chivers from Mark Ford, 7450 Mount Meeker Rd, Longmont, $360,000, resale, house

Curtis Lizakowski from Michael Sullivan, 6787 Paiute Ave, Longmont, $392,900, resale, house

Steven Schroer from Gary White, 4066 Niblick Dr, Longmont, $470,000, resale, house

Kenneth & Janice Keefe from Elaine Meaker, 1432 Turin Dr, Longmont, $515,000, resale, house

Diane Davis from Detlef A Sumner, 7676 Estate Cir, Longmont, $520,000, new, house

Bryan & Elaine Swallow from Cornerstone Inc, 1436 Venice Ln, Longmont, $845,000, new, house

Cecil MacGregor from National Residential Nomi, 8955 Little Raven Trl, Longmont, $1,630,000, new, house

Helen Burleson from Martin Kibiloski, 2109 Springs Pl, Longmont, $442,000, resale, house

W Hough from Solar Village One LLC, 645 Tenacity Dr Unit A, Longmont, $526,400, new, condo

Gabriel Almanza from Michael Baumgartner, 10659 Forester Pl, Longmont, $154,900, resale, house

David Conley from Countrywide Home Loans In, 10867 Ebony St, Firestone, $204,900, new, house

Richard & Dawndra Billiet from Adam Parker Constr Co Inc, 8716 Wild Horse Way, Frederick, $349,700, new, house

Duane & Karen Archibald from Bank New York, 11697 Montgomery Cir, Longmont, $380,000, new, house


Jerry & Suzanne Cooper from Household Fin Corp, 921 N 4th St, Berthoud, $128,000, new, house

Bobby Gay from Linda Rockwell, 404 Indiana Ave, Berthoud, $171,400, resale, house

John & Terry Ridout from Russell Josephson, 1217 Aspen Dr, Berthoud, $210,000, resale, house

Randy & Trisha Westberg from Charles Fentress, 3005 Tia Ct, Berthoud, $385,000, resale, house

Kenneth & Deborah Peralez from John Hegan, 3961 Nations Way, Berthoud, $430,000, resale, house

David & Lorna Maheu from RK Constr Inc, 3740 Nations Way, Berthoud, $600,000, new, house


M & Gretchen Ohair from Karen McDade, 404 Sundance Pkwy, Dacono, $177,500, resale, house

Robert & Luvlee Williams from Richmond Am Homes Colo In, 4647 Sedona Ln, Dacono, $273,700, new, house


Brian Engelhardt from Stephanie Butler, 1604 Westin Dr, Erie, $210,000, resale, house

Robert & Belinda Thacker from William King, 1764 Drinkwater Ct, Erie, $260,000, resale, house

William Werner from Jason Wilensky, 1363 Stockton Dr, Erie, $269,800, resale, house

Richard Hensley from John Hubert, 2908 Dickens St, Erie, $370,000, resale, house

Lindsay Darin from VRC Devl LLC, 1450 Blue Sky Way Unit 12, Erie, $167,400, new, condo

Inez Engelhardt from VRC Devl LLC, 3000 Blue Sky Cir Unit 11, Erie, $174,900, new, condo

Sally Nehr from Morris Homes Colo Inc, 488 Mazzini St, Erie, $359,400, new, house

Robert Williams from Edward Lewis, 2930 Airport Dr, Erie, $380,000, resale, house

Christopher Varra from DR Horton Inc, 1615 Crestview Ln, Erie, $380,000, new, house

Bryan & Julie Pellom from Steven Tyson, 2812 Ironwood Cir, Erie, $529,500, resale, house

Estes Park

Louis Cangilla from Andrew Human, 2710 Aspen Ln, Estes Park, $135,000, resale, house

David & Marcie Kiser from Elizabeth Butler, 702 Ponderosa Dr, Estes Park, $250,000, resale, house

Todd & Nikki Greer from Steven Drye, 1873 Ranch Cir, Estes Park, $269,000, resale, house

Charles & Betty Yohe from Kathryn Kosman, 737 Birdie Ln, Estes Park, $269,000, resale, house

David Reeves from W Lebsack, 505 Riverrock Cir, Estes Park, $425,000, resale, condo

Frederick & Mer Johnston from Patricia Barnett, 1710 Stonegate Dr, Estes Park, $955,000, resale, house

Fort Lupton

David Collier from Pedro Ibarra, 1000 Stage Dr, Fort Lupton, $140,000, resale, house

Juan Martinez from Lynette Kilpatrick, 1012 Trapper Dr, Fort Lupton, $177,000, resale, house

Leslie Crunk from Kimberly Parker, 110 Pacific Ave, Fort Lupton, $179,000, resale, house

Rebecca Wettstein from Aaron Elison, 1643 Conestoga Trl, Fort Lupton, $203,000, resale, house

Sylvia Rascon from Sherry Vanvoast, 15645 Mary Ave, Fort Lupton, $203,000, resale, house


Victor & Karina Desantiago from Christopher Barker, 104 Plowshare Ln, Platteville, $182,900, resale, house

Foreclosures notice of election and demand

Borrower: Robert Schofield, Lender: Chase Home Finance, Amount: $200,772, Property: 1509 Belmont Dr, Longmont, Filed: 08/14/20

Borrower: Peter Balzer, Lender: Wells Fargo, Amount: $136,739, Property: 805 Summer Hawk Dr Unit 50, Longmont, Filed: 08/14/20

Borrower: Jason Young, Lender: Deutsche Bank, Amount: $211,989, Property: 1656 Cedarwood Dr, Longmont, Filed: 08/14/20

Borrower: Carmen Francis, Lender: Bank America, Amount: $86,834, Property: 2241 Dexter Dr Apt 6, Longmont, Filed: 08/15/20

Borrower: Margaret Benson, Lender: Wells Fargo, Amount: $133,841, Property: 425 Francis St, Longmont, Filed: 08/15/20

Borrower: Antonio Medina, Lender: Wells Fargo, Amount: $192,000, Property: 1725 Antero Dr, Longmont, Filed: 08/16/20

Borrower: Robert Covill, Lender: JP Morgan, Amount: $158,823, Property: 728 Mount Evans St, Longmont, Filed: 08/16/20

Borrower: Isais Peres, Lender: Wells Fargo, Amount: $195,585, Property: 1003 S Bross St, Longmont, Filed: 08/17/20

Borrower: Lorena Diaz, Lender: Bank New York, Amount: $184,800, Property: 1784 Gordon Dr, Erie, Filed: 08/17/20

Borrower: Mary Victorek, Lender: Assoc First Capital Corp, Amount: $92,409, Property: 325 Quebec St, Longmont, Filed: 08/17/20

Borrower: Phillip Martinez, Lender: Deutsche Bank, Amount: $271,423, Property: 4804 Falcon Dr, Frederick, Filed: 08/18/06

Borrower: Aaron Mascarenas, Lender: US Bank, Amount: $160,000, Property: 10582 Butte Dr, Longmont, Filed: 08/18/06

Borrower: Randal Marier, Lender: Deutsche Bank, Amount: $156,800, Property: 1100 McKinley Ave, Fort Lupton, Filed: 08/18/06

Borrower: Mary Phillips, Lender: US Bank, Amount: $173,136, Property: 1813 Chestnut St, Fort Lupton, Filed: 08/18/06

Borrower: Jesus Holguin, Lender: Wells Fargo, Amount: $177,519, Property: 734 Copper Ave, Fort Lupton, Filed: 08/18/06

Borrower: Jacob Talbert, Lender: Wells Fargo, Amount: $160,250, Property: 720 Hoover Ave, Fort Lupton, Filed: 08/21/06

Borrower: Darcy Blythe, Lender: Wells Fargo, Amount: $197,875, Property: 6114 Ulysses Ave, Firestone, Filed: 08/21/06

Borrower: Juan Serrano, Lender: Wells Fargo, Amount: $283,100, Property: 10154 Farmdale St, Firestone, Filed: 08/21/06

Borrower: Steve & Dianna R Arrington, Lender: Countrywide Home Loans Inc, Amount: $559,500, Property: 4986 Malibu Dr, Berthoud, Filed: 08/17/06

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