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Home Transactions - 9/2/2006

 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 6732 W. Coal Mine Ave., Ste. 434, Littleton, CO 80182. To have your name omitted from this list, call 303-979-9536.


Jack Witt from Alyce Cooney, 400 Emery St Unit 203, Longmont, $132,000, resale, condo

Linda Uhrich from Alyce Madison, 2158 Meadow Ct, Longmont, $154,000, resale, house

Paul & Mary Krause from Henry Lefever, 400 Emery St Unit 301, Longmont, $154,900, resale, condo

Chad & Kelly Fowler from Colorado Housing Finance, 2027 Sumac St, Longmont, $155,000, new, house

Emeterio & Alexander Godinez from Dana Trautman, 1751 Corey St, Longmont, $160,000, resale, house

Stephen Black from Terry Anderson, 9 Elizabeth Ct, Longmont, $163,500, resale, house

Cynthia Painter from Cory Olson, 1601 Great Western Dr Unit G4, Longmont, $167,000, resale, condo

Alvin & Karen Ciccone from Arvid Unterseher, 1526 Donovan Pl, Longmont, $169,000, resale, house

Scott Voorhis from Tousa Homes Inc, 805 Summer Hawk Dr Unit W134, Longmont, $171,300, new, condo

Josef Cohen from Norberto Ramirez, 2153 Tulip St, Longmont, $172,000, resale, house

Neal & Rebecca Millett from Patrick Engstrom, 13 Lois Pl, Longmont, $175,000, resale, house

Frank Troy from Mary Magdalena, 125 E 5th Ave, Longmont, $175,500, resale, house

Sam Holder from Bradford Hattig, 1808 Tyler Ave, Longmont, $180,000, resale, house

Scott & Jamie Burch from Gerald Taylor, 1624 Twin Sisters Dr, Longmont, $185,000, resale, house

Gabriel & Violeta Gonzalez from Habitat For Humanity St Vrain, 1730 Sumner St, Longmont, $187,000, new, house

Derek Kinch from Habitat For Humanity St Vrain, 1728 Sumner St, Longmont, $187,000, new, house

Adam Cave from Kudos LLC, 818 S Terry St Unit 81, Longmont, $189,900, new, condo

Alicia Aguilar from James Lemons, 2231 Sherman St, Longmont, $190,500, resale, house

Rachel Trimble from Doris Engstrom, 1703 Whitehall Dr Unit 5F, Longmont, $193,500, resale, condo

Mark Nuti from Sarah Hansard, 1420 Whitehall Dr Unit 13, Longmont, $195,000, resale, condo

Rea McDonald from Melody Agruso, 2407 Sunrise Dr, Longmont, $196,300, resale, house

Kurt & Cristina Keller from Jerry Wells, 1837 Emery St, Longmont, $205,000, resale, house

Bruce Huggins from Craig Kurtz, 1733 Sunset St, Longmont, $205,000, resale, house

Lauri Herbert from Rachel Trimble, 1242 Sunset St, Longmont, $212,500, resale, house

Justin Nemec from Warren Zivi, 1823 Mount Sneffels St, Longmont, $212,800, resale, house

Sophia Walsh from Eva Long, 606 Grant St, Longmont, $222,500, resale, house

Amir Alviar from Rajiv Panikkar, 2429 Meadow St, Longmont, $223,200, resale, house

William Irwin from Scott Dille, 227 Cattail Ct, Longmont, $229,000, resale, house

Bharat & Bandana Karki from Raj Indur, 1175 Trout Creek Cir, Longmont, $249,000, resale, house

Lauren Greenfield from Suzanne Schmidt, 612 Bowen St, Longmont, $255,000, resale, house

Joyce Buzzeo from Gary Hubbard, 2200 Santa Fe Dr, Longmont, $262,000, resale, house

Jerry & Mary Rinnert from HB Development Corp, 439 Olympia Ave, Longmont, $299,900, new, house

Fred & Constance Hanna from M S Strong Ltd, 535 Folklore Ave, Longmont, $312,000, new, house

Fidel Vasquez from Harlan Mathews, 1406 Emery Ct, Longmont, $315,000, resale, house

Martin & Evelyn Hahn from Tousa Homes Inc, 1804 Whitefeather Dr, Longmont, $323,100, new, house

Charles Taylor from Thlnew 1 LLC, 231 Peppler Dr, Longmont, $353,300, new, house

Richard & Patricia Bybee from Michael Allen, 713 Tanager Cir, Longmont, $374,000, resale, house

Michael Covarrubias from Michael Primeau, 337 Olympia Ave, Longmont, $376,600, resale, house

John & Brenda Martinez from Howarinc, 1524 Main St, Longmont, $850,000, new, house

Robert Bauer from Eric Berry, 8060 Niwot Rd Unit 1E, Longmont, $76,000, resale, condo

Deonne Vanderwoude from J Peter Garthwaite Trust, 8050 Niwot Rd Unit 23, Longmont, $99,000, new, condo

Donna & Leanne Roets from Thomas Souvignier, 635 Gooseberry Dr Unit 1501, Longmont, $180,000, resale, condo

Gerald Manning from Mark Riemer, 731 Thornwood Way, Longmont, $227,000, resale, house

Michael & Theresa Dedmon from Jerry Rinnert, 2420 Mountain View Ave, Longmont, $231,000, resale, house

Marla Ladd from James Moores, 1501 Northwestern Rd, Longmont, $250,000, resale, house

Patience Schram from Chanin Development Inc, 4232 Riley Dr, Longmont, $272,000, new, house

Alice Muro from David Rimple, 4101 Da Vinci Dr, Longmont, $277,000, resale, house

Christophe & Carolyn Clement from Joette Bartley, 8064 Meadowdale Sq, Longmont, $286,000, resale, house

Kathryn Buette from John Larkin, 4009 Honeysuckle Way, Longmont, $300,000, resale, house

John & Jami Chesebro from Phoebe Norton, 4817 Lucca Dr, Longmont, $300,600, resale, house

Anders Svensson from CPH Longmont LLC, 4003 San Marco Dr, Longmont, $352,400, new, house

James & Candice Carron from CPH, 4119 Riley Dr, Longmont, $390,000, new, house

James & Mary Voogt from Brian Tienson, 3515 Boxelder Dr, Longmont, $395,000, resale, house

Xiao Zhang from Lennar Colorado LLC, 1634 Stones Peak Dr, Longmont, $447,400, new, house

Yuhui Yang from Cheng Hua, 1640 Stones Peak Dr, Longmont, $530,000, resale, house

David & Stanene Hickey from Sarah Martin, 6604 Bird Cliff Way, Longmont, $640,000, resale, house

William & Joanne Barrett from Scott Voneschen, 7253 Meadow Ln, Longmont, $1,190,000, resale, house

Cornelia & Ray Rayburn from Carlo Rota, 12691 Columbine Dr, Longmont, $267,500, resale, house

Tsunghsun Chuang from Village Homes Colorado In, 2006 Pintail Dr, Longmont, $333,900, new, house

F & Susan Moore from Robert Moss, 2412 Mallard Cir, Longmont, $390,000, resale, house

Scott & Debra Bartlett from James Tremolini, 2326 Bobwhite Ln, Longmont, $445,000, resale, house

Glenn & Daniele Sproul from Steven Sanders, 2251 Bluebird Dr, Longmont, $460,000, resale, house

Suzanne & Jeffrey Holmes from Byron Yost, 14227 N 107th St, Longmont, $680,000, resale, house

Robert & Lorelei Young from Neighborhood Inc, 3656 Stagecoach Rd, Longmont, $87,900, new, house

Steven Merrick from KB Home Colo Inc, 10427 Butte Dr, Longmont, $164,500, new, house

Tyler White from KB Home Colo Inc, 10431 Butte Dr, Longmont, $170,500, new, house

Nolan & Pamela Krueger from KB Home Colo Inc, 10669 Upper Ridge Rd, Longmont, $197,300, new, house


Jeffrey & Whitney Swander from Marlene Zenker, 4968 Malibu Dr, Berthoud, $157,900, resale, house

Jason & Kimberly Yarger from Mark Jonjak, 1205 Cedar Dr, Berthoud, $188,500, resale, house

Karen Chandler from Hodges Interests LP, 103 E Welch Ave, Berthoud, $190,000, new, house

Stacey & Debra Kahle from Kathleen Greenwell, 112 Sioux Dr, Berthoud, $265,000, resale, house

Karen Ohare from Norman Miller, 221 Common Dr, Berthoud, $267,500, resale, house

Randie Cayce from Stacey Kahle, 4908 Meining Rd, Berthoud, $370,000, resale, house

Shane & Sabrina Wood from US Bank, 326 S County Road 23, Berthoud, $378,500, new, condo


Walter & Melanie Summers from Richmond American Homes Colo In, 4579 Sedona Ln, Dacono, $272,000, new, house

Scott & Kimberly Bush from Richmond American Homes Colo In, 4593 Sedona Ln, Dacono, $285,900, new, house

Micaela & Ammon Crapo from Woodcrest Homes Inc, 320 Short Dr, Dacono, $315,500, new, house


Louise Mccombs from Ken Goss, 1547 Bain Dr, Erie, $235,000, resale, house

Matthew & Tammy Trasky from Richmond American Homes C, 1316 Graham Cir, Erie, $260,000, new, house

Haley Murphy from Carlos Wannoni, 636 Mathews Cir, Erie, $265,000, resale, house

Josephine Novosel from Brian Engelhardt, 2776 Odell Dr, Erie, $310,000, resale, house

James Thompson from Lora Delacruz, 1673 Holeman Dr, Erie, $311,500, resale, house

David & Kate Wagner from Paula Eldridge, 1288 Washburn Ave, Erie, $320,000, resale, house

Wayne & Jeanell Roth from Kevin Paprzycki, 1367 Graham Cir, Erie, $325,000, resale, house

Craig & Karen Sherman from Michael Stumpf, 1374 Leyner Dr, Erie, $355,000, resale, house

Keith & Mary Heslip from VRC Devl LLC, 3000 Blue Sky Cir Unit 11, Erie, $155,500, new, condo

David & Diana Holton from Christopher Knapik, 125 Holbrook St, Erie, $165,000, resale, house

Adam Blach from VRC Devl LLC, 3035 Blue Sky Cir Unit 10, Erie, $168,900, new, condo

Jeffrey Meister from VRC Devl LLC, 2900 Blue Sky Cir Unit 5, Erie, $188,900, new, condo

Daniel & Cris McMahan from Standard Pacific Colo Inc, 717 Jarvis Dr, Erie, $282,000, new, house

Michael Dozal from KDB Homes Inc, 2170 Alpine Dr, Erie, $291,400, new, house

Stephen Saling from KDB Homes Inc, 2319 Alpine Dr, Erie, $304,600, new, house

Jonathan & Julie Robert from KDB Homes Inc, 2403 Vale Way, Erie, $308,400, new, house

Richard & Jennif King from Standard Pacific Colo Inc, 914 Eichhorn Dr, Erie, $315,500, new, house

Russell & Lori Haakenson from Brian Groce, 2422 Ivy Way, Erie, $319,000, resale, house

Michael & Tina Pierce from Jeffrey Hoefs, 1650 Parkdale Cir N, Erie, $347,000, resale, house

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