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Home Transactions - 8/26/2006

 Real Estate Transactions are supplied by Prospects Unlimited Inc., 6732 W. Coal Mine Ave., Ste. 434, Littleton, CO 80182. To have your name omitted from this list, call 303-979-9536.


Kathleen Collins from Linda Frueh, 400 Emery St Unit 302, Longmont, $132,500, resale, condo

Luis & Elsa Silva from Federal Home Loan Mortgage, 120 E Mountain View Ave, Longmont, $139,800, new, house

Ricardo Paniagua from Sonoma Pinnacle LLC, 2218 Calais Dr Unit A, Longmont, $148,500, new, condo

Nancy & Mike Lingenfelter from GMAC Mortgage Corp, 331 Baker St, Longmont, $150,000, new, house

Christopher Treib from Erik Amundrud, 500 Lashley St Unit 36, Longmont, $157,000, resale, condo

Martha Galaviz from Icebohl LLC, 727 Hubbard Dr, Longmont, $159,500, new, house

Chad & Lindsay Blake from Debra L Farney Trust, 1601 Great Western Dr Unit K4, Longmont, $163,800, new, condo

Janet Sterck from Wells Fargo Financial Col, 1714 Corey St, Longmont, $164,000, new, house

Peggy Grigg from Mary Snyder, 1230 Carbide Ct, Longmont, $171,900, resale, house

Brian & Korri Mein from Ciro Sandoval, 1116 Meadow St, Longmont, $180,000, resale, house

Allen & Laura Herman from Robert Liberatore, 1045 Ponderosa Cir, Longmont, $183,000, resale, house

Glen & Mary Campbell from Rita Mares, 2315 Emery Pl, Longmont, $185,000, resale, house

Martin Garcia from Residential Funding Corp, 315 E 17th Ave, Longmont, $185,000, new, house

Jose Agustin from Reo Management 2004 Inc, 422 Dickson St, Longmont, $185,300, new, house

Ray Townsend from Lenore Hineman, 1803 Atwood St, Longmont, $190,900, resale, house

Vincent Burkardt from Daniel Blair, 1008 Martin Rd, Longmont, $195,000, resale, house

Amy Burtaine from Shannon Morgan, 909 Terry St, Longmont, $198,000, resale, house

Robert Sargent from Pauline Beaman, 1226 S Pratt Pkwy, Longmont, $198,500, resale, house

Brock McCool from Jennifer Rossman, 421 Judson St, Longmont, $213,000, resale, house

Deno & Elaine Frangos from Sam Frangos, 1002 Harmon Pl, Longmont, $222,300, resale, house

Robert Cranny from Douglas Myers, 1214 Hunter Ct, Longmont, $225,000, resale, house

Juan Hernandez from Joseph Evans, 1279 Fall River Cir, Longmont, $227,000, resale, house

Katie Smith from Triad Guaranty Insurance, 812 Sanctuary Cir, Longmont, $227,000, new, house

Cheryll Stevens from J Hendricks, 2116 24th Ave, Longmont, $228,300, resale, house

Sean Quirin from Corey Snipes, 1620 Longs Peak Ave, Longmont, $235,000, resale, house

Mario & Anja Sanchez from Chris Durham, 2104 Boise Ct, Longmont, $237,500, resale, house

Mary Rockhold from Bank New York Trustee, 2134 Astoria Ln, Longmont, $239,500, new, house

Holly & Timothy Fahy from Randy Wilber, 1019 Sparrow Hawk Dr, Longmont, $290,000, resale, house

Jody Sibson from Brian Ward, 523 Bowen St, Longmont, $327,000, resale, house

Patricia Taylor from Gary Nelson, 690 Clarendon Dr, Longmont, $392,500, resale, house

Brandon Petrowsky from Terrapins McCall Place LL, 2006 McCall Pl, Longmont, $515,000, new, house

Bruce Keiderling from Phil Martinez, 532 Orion Ct, Longmont, $1,050,000, resale, house

Carrie Hostetter from Clarence Korthuis, 45 Cornell Dr, Longmont, $122,500, resale, house

George Dillon from Deutsche Bank National Trust, 3906 Oakwood Dr, Longmont, $219,500, new, house

Cheewah Wong from Chanin Development Inc, 4102 Riley Dr, Longmont, $249,000, new, house

Meredith Bishop from Chanin Development Inc, 4106 Riley Dr, Longmont, $259,700, new, house

Avril Balfrey from Bruce Bishop, 3825 Florentine Dr, Longmont, $294,000, resale, house

Clifford Burrow from CPH Longmont LLC, 4303 Ravenna Pl, Longmont, $316,300, new, house

Christopher Painter from Robert Bowman, 2134 N Shore Dr, Longmont, $463,500, resale, house

Jennifer Lee from Andrew Stanger, 4085 Greens Pl, Longmont, $471,000, resale, house

Thomas & Debra Sarlo from GMAC Model
Home Finance, 1712 Stones Peak Dr, Longmont, $492,500, new, house

Guofang Xu from Lennar Colorado LLC, 1640 Stones Peak Dr, Longmont, $507,800, new, house

Ehren & Janelle Vanmelle from Lennar Colo LLC, 1700 Stones Peak Dr, Longmont, $520,000, new, house

Juan Montalvo from GM Resources LLC, 1713 Stones Peak Dr, Longmont, $579,000, new, house

Robert Denser from Betsy Hyman, 3930 Niblick Ct, Longmont, $585,000, resale, house

Serafin & Melissa Melendez from J Jones, 2220 Watersong Cir, Longmont, $229,000, resale, house

David Swartz from Webster Capps, 2318 Watersong Cir, Longmont, $349,000, resale, house

Greg Camalier from Seth Myles, 816 Tenacity Dr, Longmont, $460,000, resale, house

Richard & Kathleen Vossler from Donnyleon LLC, 1028 Katy Ln, Longmont, $525,000, new, house

Johnny & Amy Rakestraw from John Cochran, 2026 Creekside Dr, Longmont, $720,000, resale, house

Emilio Vargas from J A Long Construction, 2128 Jade Way, Longmont, $815,000, new, house

Todd Klimkowsky from KB Home Colo Inc, 10673 Upper Ridge Rd, Longmont, $170,600, new, house

Juan Arredondo from Winfred B Wilkie Living Trust, 10662 Forester Pl, Longmont, $185,400, new, house

Michael & Candace Wasson from Lennar Colo LLC, 11796 N Beasly Rd, Longmont, $408,800, new, house


Brenda Beller from Carol Case, 303 Turner Ave, Berthoud, $147,000, resale, house

Johnny & Venit Bynum from HSBC Bank USA, 612 Bristlecone Ct, Berthoud, $195,000, new, house

Timothy & Kristin Driscoll from Margaret Meyer, 421 Bothun Rd, Berthoud, $265,500, resale, house


Misty Rackard from Wells Fargo Bk, 522 Horizon Pl, Dacono, $128,000, new, house


Donna Jutras from Virginia Tignor, 3224 Billington Dr, Erie, $240,000, resale, house

Richard & Arlene Rapisardi from James Mieras, 1735 Walker St, Erie, $279,900, resale, house

Derek & Erin Reiger from Jefferey Trout, 1644 Walker St, Erie, $294,500, resale, house

David & Cindy Jessip from Mark Wilcox, 1916 Hauck St, Erie, $325,000, resale, house

Amy Hilbert from Hermann Pannes, 1557 Tanaka Dr, Erie, $327,300, resale, house

Edward & Barbara Kotlinski from Tousa Homes Inc, 1375 McGregor Cir, Erie, $333,000, new, house

Shane Delinks from Matthew Humphrey, 3257 McClure Dr, Erie, $335,000, resale, house

Mark & Alicia Arnett from Daniel Beeck, 1767 Holeman Dr, Erie, $340,000, resale, house

Patrick Compton from Washington Mutual Bk, 256 Montgomery Dr, Erie, $146,000, new, house

Manish Randery from VRC Devl LLC, 2855 Blue Sky Cir Unit 3, Erie, $161,600, new, condo

Allyson Rose from VRC Devl LLC, 1450 Blue Sky Way Unit 12, Erie, $184,400, new, condo

Jill Csillag from VRC Devl LLC, 3000 Blue Sky Cir Unit 11, Erie, $199,700, new, condo

Cathleen Vanbuskirk from Donald Welliever, 90 Cessna Dr, Erie, $285,000, resale, house

Darin & Christy Vandelune from Anthony Polson, 2302 Linden Pl, Erie, $315,000, resale, house

Dan Johnstone from Amy Smith, 1112 Columbine Way, Erie, $367,000, resale, house

Maurice & Lisa Mendel from Happy Asker, 1203 Columbine Way, Erie, $381,000, resale, house

Richard Hanna from Thlnew 1 LLC, 2282 Dogwood Dr, Erie, $387,500, new, house

David & Dao Allen from DR Horton Inc, 1662 Crestview Ln, Erie, $409,000, new, house

Don & Gloria Kenchel from DR Horton Inc, 1741 Crestview Ln, Erie, $486,800, new, house

William & Melissa Cook from Woodcrest Homes Inc, 2482 Vale Way, Erie, $531,800, new, house

Trent & Kimberley Culver from Accurate Constr LLC, 4717 Betty Pl, Erie, $675,000, new, house

Estes Park

Greg & Marie Cross from Central Administrators In, 175 Curry Dr, Estes Park, $128,500, new, house

David & Sammi Coleson from Katherine Sullivan, 624 Aspen Ave, Estes Park, $157,500, resale, house

Michael & Heidi Courtney from Lyle Olhausen, 1263 Riverside Ln, Estes Park, $184,000, resale, house

Mary Miller from Antiers Pointe Inc, 1515 Fish Hatchery Rd Unit 3, Estes Park, $200,000, new, condo

Wayne &
Julia Reschke from Gary Y Marina M Gunn Join, 1561 Zermatt Trail, Estes Park, $226,400, new, house

James & Ann Tishmack from Keitha Vestermark, 438 Aspen Ave, Estes Park, $229,000, resale, house

Gregory Zuck from Susan K Cox Trust, 2629 Wildwood Dr, Estes Park, $250,000, new, house

Marilyn Pedersen from Wendy Aschenbach, 2615 Pine Meadow Dr, Estes Park, $275,000, resale, house

Susan Novy from Dwight Strandberg, 1445 Matthew Cir Unit F2, Estes Park, $285,000, resale, condo

Timothy & Wendlyn Haight from Richard Babcok, 1070 Crestview Ct Unit 8, Estes Park, $285,500, resale, condo

Diane & Karen Stovall from Cms Planning Devl Inc, 2625 Marys Lake Rd Unit 35, Estes Park, $289,500, new, condo

David & Sammi Coleson from Timothy Sullivan, 624 Aspen Ave, Estes Park, $315,000, resale, house

Brian & Paula Belknap from Jeffrey Starrett, 2421 Larkspur Ave, Estes Park, $323,500, resale, house

Michael & Donna Murphy from JLP Bldrs LLC, 1720 Olympian Ln, Estes Park, $355,000, new, house

Susan Fenton from R Allen, 1161 Strong Ave, Estes Park, $405,000, resale, house

Thomas &
Judith Miller from Richard H Wille Trust, 662 Park River Pl, Estes Park, $444,900, new, condo


Sean & Jennifer Chapel from Jason Ward, 6360 Snowberry Ave, Firestone, $205,000, resale, house

Derek Zar from Strathmore Homes I Inc, 10391 Cherryvale St, Firestone, $340,000, new, house


Scott & Laurie McKenna from Centex Homes, 5726 Hickory Cir, Frederick, $216,900, new, house

Linda Pettit from Brett Berringer, 5850 Teal St, Frederick, $239,000, resale, house

Cynthia & Eric Williams from John Riley, 4845 Falcon Dr, Frederick, $275,000, resale, house

Teresa Durben from Warner Butler, 4873 Eagle Blvd, Frederick, $340,000, resale, house

Fort Lupton

Ricardo & Moraima Magdaleno from Deborah Pallaoro, 221 6th St, Fort Lupton, $127,000, resale, house

Justin & Heather Borgeson from Cody Carbone, 1330 4th St, Fort Lupton, $137,500, resale, house

Bo Hegstrom from Steven Arndt, 210 3rd St, Fort Lupton, $160,000, resale, house

Ronald Devore from Fed Home Loan Mtg Corp, 15958 Caroline Ave, Fort Lupton, $168,200, new, house

Ruben Fuentes from Jonathan Travis, 141 4th St, Fort Lupton, $168,500, resale, house

Jake & Miranda Langlais from Salomon Hernandez, 402 Beth Ave, Fort Lupton, $196,000, resale, house

Jose & Martha Treto from Morgan Stanley Mtg Loan T, 341 Clubhouse Dr, Fort Lupton, $209,000, new, house

Andy Camacho from Aw LLC, 1621 Ponderosa Ct, Fort Lupton, $220,000, new, house

Artemio Chavez from Sonja Hilsenbeck, 3695 County Road 23, Fort Lupton, $360,000, resale, house


Danelle Borrego from Fed Home Loan Mtg Corp, 500 David Ct, Platteville, $167,900, new, house

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