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Replace door gasket to eliminate droplets

Question:Our refrigerator gets water droplets on the inside top which then drip down on all the food. I have cleaned underneath. I have turned it up all the way and that seemed to help for a bit, but now the drops are back. What can I do?

Answer:The most likely source of the water droplets or condensation is a poor seal around the refrigerator door. The door gasket may need to be replaced or the door adjusted so it seals completely.

I would call an appliance repair company to look at the problem. In addition to being aggravating, itís also a waste of energy.

Question: Iím installing new door molding inside the bathroom door. The molding is 2.5 inches wide with one side thicker and the other side thin. Does the thick part of the molding go toward the opening of the door or does the thin side of the molding toward the opening of the door?

Answer: Usually the thin side is toward the door opening. Depending on the effect you want to create, I suppose you could turn it the other way, but you seldom see it that way.

Question: How can one get a film off mirrors caused by furniture polish? I think Iíve tried about everything with no results. They get cloudy soon after Iím finished.

Answer: A little paint thinner or mineral spirits on a cotton ball should do the trick. Make sure the area where you clean the mirror is well ventilated. Wipe the frame with a soft cloth if you get any paint thinner on the frame, since the thinner can soften the finish.

Question: I started to remove a wallpaper border that was applied directly over the background wallpaper, but the backing of the border is still adhered to the wallpaper. How do I remove the wallpaper border backing without damaging the wallpaper underneath it?

Answer: Fill a spray bottle half way with warm water. Fill the bottle the rest of the way with sudsy ammonia. Lightly spray the problem area with the mixture and allow it to stand for three to five minutes,

Gently wipe off the backing residue with a terry cloth. The background paper should stay glued to the wall. If the background paper appears to loosen, apply a small dab of seam adhesive, which is available at paint and wallpaper stores.

Question: How do you balance ceiling fan blades? Mine are off balance and it makes the fan wobble.

Answer: There are ceiling fan-balancing kits available at your hardware store. They have clips you attach to the back of your fan blade, and you run the fan adding and taking off clips each time until the blades are balanced. Then you replace the clips with self-adhesive weights that attach to the top of the blades.

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