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Hunter plans to ask f

by B.J.Plasket
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER District Attorney Alex Hunter will appear before the county commissioners Thursday to request another $56,999 in funding for the Ramsey grand jury.

The jury, which began meeting in September, did not meet this week and hasn't met since May 25.

The 10:30 a.m. appearance will mark the first time Hunter has appeared before the board to ask for more Ramsey money. In the past, those requests were made by Assistant District Attorney Bill Wise, who is currently on a two-week vacation. Wise, however, never uttered a word in March when he appeared before the board for a $62,000 appropriation.

The commissioners unanimously approved that request without questions or comments.

Although the lump-sum amount of the request was released Thursday, details of the budget memo will not be released until Wednesday, the day before the meeting.

County officials routinely don't consider such an item a public record until it makes its way to the commissioners' agenda.

Most of the request is expected to cover the salary of grand jury specialist Michael Kane and the salary of public information officer Suzanne Laurion.

Two other lawyers on the case Mitch Morrisey of the Denver District Attorney's Office and Bruce Levin of Adams County are being loaned to the investigation free of charge.

No members of Hunter's regular staff are still involved in the grand jury process.

Under Colorado law, the grand jury's term will end no later than Oct. 20. The one-year life of the panel was in April extended by six months, but cannot be extended again.