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Officials: Ramsey cas

by B.J.Plasket
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER While the Ramsey investigation is entering the second half of its third year, it has perhaps never been quieter.

The grand jury investigating the 30-month-old slaying of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey has not met in more than a month and is unlikely to meet this week. Tatters are all that is left of the yellow tape that used to mark parking spaces for the grand jury members at the Justice Center.

But those involved in the case say the investigation is still moving forward. Earlier this week, Adams County District Attorney Bob Grant one of Boulder DA Alex Hunter's advisers on the case shot down the theory that the grand jury is waiting for DNA results from recent tests of Ramsey family members and friends, saying other investigative work is going on daily.

Hunter spokeswoman Suzanne Laurion said it is her understanding that Hunter, grand jury expert Michael Kane and special assistants Mitch Morrisey and Bruce Levin "have been at work all week." Boulder Police Department vehicles, meanwhile, continue to come and go from the private back door of the DA's office.

And, while Hunter broke his media silence last week to announce he hasn't decided if he will run for an eighth term next year, he isn't talking about the grand jury or its schedule.

Laurion said grand jury secrecy laws preclude Hunter "from even talking about the schedule" of the grand jury.

The term of the grand jury has already been extended by six months and will remain in force until Oct. 20 if needed.

And it looks as though Hunter won't have to go back to the county for additional grand-jury funding for at least a month. Laurion late Wednesday said new calculations indicate there is enough money left in the April supplemental appropriation to last through July.

Laurion said she has gotten "no indication" from Hunter or his staff regarding the need for money after July.

"I have no idea if it will go beyond that," she said.