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Ramsey probe has mone

by B.J.Plasket
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER The Ramsey investigation marked by increasingly infrequent grand jury meetings over the last month has money left over from a previous appropriation and will not have to ask for more funding until late July.

A $62,000 county appropriation in March was supposed to fund the grand jury through the end of June, but the district attorney's office on Monday said it will have a surplus of "in excess of $15,000 as we approach the end of June."

The savings, according to public information officer Suzanne Laurion, are a result of not having spent funds allocated for supplies, expert consulting fees, travel and research.

Laurion said the savings should not be taken as an indication the investigation has slowed, but said she didn't know if the grand jury would actually meet into July.

She said the money will adequately finance the probe "until mid-to-late July" if needed.

The grand jury's term had been set to expire in late April, but District Judge Roxanne Bailin extended it to Oct. 20. If the investigation goes beyond that point, a new grand jury will have to be seated and would have to virtually start over.

Adding to the surplus, Laurion said, was the non-hiring of a research assistant previously funded. Plans called for the researcher to assist Deputy District Attorney Bill Nagle, but Laurion said he managed to do without the help.

''That person was never hired,'' she said.

The DA's office also saved money intended to pay for travel and hotels for grand jury witnesses, but the jury hasn't met as a group since May 19, when 12-year-old Burke Ramsey was rumored to have testified.

Burke, the 12-year-old brother of slain 6-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey , reportedly flew into Jefferson County Airport with his parents in a private jet and left the same day.

The grand jury has met on most Tuesdays since it convened in September, but did not do so last week.