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Report: Ramsey sibling testifies

by B.J.Plasket
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER The now 12-year-old brother of JonBenet Ramsey continued to be the topic of speculation Tuesday, with one news organization reporting Burke Ramsey may have already testified before the grand jury probing his sister's death.

Several members of the grand jury, meanwhile, were in the grand jury chambers on Tuesday, but it was unclear if the entire panel was scheduled to meet.

Speculation about testimony from Burke Ramsey began last week with a tabloid report that his parents, John and Patsy, had begun plea-bargain talks involving him. The District Attorney's Office flatly denied those talks ever took place.

Authorities have repeatedly said Burke is not a suspect, but observers have speculated that he would be called before the grand jury.

He was previously interviewed by police on videotape.

Fox News on Tuesday reported Burke may have testified last Wednesday. The grand jury normally meets on Tuesdays, but hadn't met for two weeks prior to last Wednesday's session.

Another report said a sheriff's van in which the profile of a child could be seen entered the Justice Center last Wednesday.

Those reports were further fueled by reports that Jim Jenkins, Burke's Atlanta-based lawyer, was in Boulder last week.

Jenkins' office last week said only that he was out of town on business.

When contacted late Tuesday, a secretary in Jenkins' office said he was out for the remainder of the day.

When asked Tuesday about the appearance of the partial grand jury, District Attorney Alex Hunter declined comment through his spokeswoman.

Assistant District Attorney Bill Wise, however, was seen meeting with a Denver reporter just before noon in the Justice Center coffee shop.