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DA's office denies reports of Ramsey plea

by B.J.Plasket
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER -- District Attorney Alex Hunter's office has denied reports that John and Patsy Ramsey are in plea negotiations that would place blame for the death of their 6-year-old daughter JonBenet on their now-12-year-old son Burke.

``It is false,'' Hunter spokeswoman Suzanne Laurion said on Thursday.

Burke Ramsey , who was 9 at the time of his sister's death, cannot be prosecuted, since Colorado law precludes criminal charges against anyone under 10.

According to editions of the tabloid newspaper the Star due to be distributed this week, Ramsey lawyers have talked with Hunter in recent days about a plea agreement that essentially claims Burke Ramsey attacked his younger sister in a jealous rage after she climbed into his bed after wetting her own bed. The story said she often went to her brother's bed after wetting her own.

The New York Post, in a Thursday column, said the tabloid claims Burke -- jealous over the attention JonBenet got as a child beauty queen -- ``let loose his pent-up rage at his sister that night and lashed out at her physically.''

The Star also reported that Burke, on an earlier occasion, hit JonBenet in the face with a golf club and cut her cheek, the Post said.

The Post also reported that, according to the Star, police became suspicious of Burke when he failed to ask any questions on the morning JonBenet's body was found in the family basement. He reportedly didn't question being taken to a friend's house as his own home filled up with police officers.

The Post said the Star article also claims Burke later told a police psychologist, ``I know what happened. She was killed. Someone took her quietly and took her down in the basement ... took a knife out ... hit her on the head.''

That statement came at a time when only the police knew Burke's Swiss Army knife had been found next to her body, the Post said.

The story also says the plea negotiations involve Patsy Ramsey pleading guilty to charges stemming from a cover-up of the slaying and Burke being forced to go to counseling sessions.

According to the Post, Hunter is entertaining the plea agreement because he wants to put the case to rest and spare the cost of a trial.

The Post article said Bill Wise, Hunter's second-in-command, has also denied the plea negotiations.

``We can only say the claim that DA Hunter and Mr. Haddon have talked at all -- and that they may have talked about serving up Burke Ramsey as the fall guy in this case -- that's false,'' he reportedly said.

Haddon, the head of the Ramsey legal team, was out of his office on Thursday and did not return calls seeking comment.