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Boulder County residents selected for grand jury

by Pam Regensberg
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER -- A yoga enthusiast, a doctoral candidate in chemical engineering and a holistic nursing student are among the Boulder County residents selected for the grand jury that may end up hearing the JonBenet Ramsey case.

Seven women and five men make up the eclectic mix of Boulder County residents who will serve as the county's new grand jury. Additionally, five women will serve as alternates.

The foreman, 59-year-old James Plese of Boulder, is a Public Service of Colorado employee.

Born and raised in Pueblo, his father was a steelworker at CF&I; for more than 50 years and his mother ran a restaurant.

``It's difficult to complain about the system and not be willing to participate,'' Plese said in response to questions from Chief Trial Deputy Peter Hofstrom.

The assistant foreman is 39-year-old Loretta Resnikoff of Boulder.

Four Longmont residents will serve on the panel, one as an alternate.

``I'm just a plain ol' ordinary gal,'' said juror Frances Diekman of Longmont. ``Born on a farm. Raised on a farm.''

The 59-year-old Diekman, who listed her hobbies as fishing, camping, making crafts and listening to country western music, said she would serve on the grand jury if asked. Diekman also said she liked to watch ``Judge Judy'' and ``The Peoples Court.''

Several said they enjoyed outdoor activities and listened to National Public Radio. One man who said he listened to talk radio shows was let go.

``I'm less than excited,'' said 37-year-old Martin Pierce of Longmont. ``There's room for error. I don't want to put someone on trial who doesn't deserve to be there.''

Other Longmont residents selected were 38-year-old Tracy Vallad, 38, and 51-year-old Janice McCallister, as an alternate.

Earlier in the day a cop's wife, a veterinary technician who is studying the Sand Creek Massacre and a Longmont photographer were excused from the panel.