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Reporter can keep Ramsey documents

by Pam Regensberg
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER -- The former Boulder reporter accused of stealing files pertaining to the JonBenet Ramsey murder case and that belonged to a Boulder newspaper can keep the documents, a district judge ruled Friday.

District Judge Daniel Hale, however, ordered Alli Krupski to provide the Boulder Daily Camera with copies of all the files she has.

``The goal was to get documents that the Camera needs to produce stories related to the Ramsey case,'' the Camera's attorney, Laurin Quiat, said after the ruling. ``We need our documents. Otherwise, how do we produce stories?''

Krupski, who had been the Camera's lead reporter covering the Ramsey slaying, must provide the paper with the documents within two working days.

In the meantime, Quiat said he will evaluate the next step for the paper, but added this case is in ``the infancy in any sort of lawsuit.''

Camera executive editor Colleen Conant said she was pleased with the judge's overall ruling, but disappointed that he didn't find anything surreptitious about Krupski's activities in obtaining the files.

The Camera claimed that Krupski entered the newsroom on Dec. 10 without authorization and took $15,000 worth of files. However, Judge Hale said he didn't believe Krupski had any clandestine motives when she took the records.

``This simply is not a case about theft,'' Hale said, adding that it is about the relationship between an employer and employee.

As a result, Conant said she believes this case calls for some discussion about newsroom practices.

``This hasn't ever happened before in the history of journalism,'' she said.