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Boulder police examin

by Pam Regensberg
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER -- Boulder authorities apparently didn't find anything useful in a 1992 autopsy report of John Ramsey 's oldest daughter, Elizabeth P. Ramsey .

Police refuse to say, however, how the five-year-old autopsy could be relevant to the slaying of 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey , Elizabeth Ramsey 's half sister.

Elizabeth Ramsey was killed in a Jan. 8, 1992, car accident in Burr Ridge, Ill., just outside Chicago. She had suffered bruises, abrasions and a fractured right arm.

The report also indicates she had a number of surgical incisions, including a 15- to 20-inch suture mark leading from her chest to her abdomen.

At the urging of Boulder police, Cook County authorities in Chicago initially sealed Elizabeth Ramsey 's autopsy report. Boulder police said the document is part of the JonBenet homicide investigation and wanted it sealed.

After reviewing the record, however, Boulder police Detective Commander John Eller said, ``The report contains no information which, if made public, would harm our investigation.''

A day earlier, police spokesman Kelvin McNeil said release of the document would harm the investigation.

Eller, who will not answer any questions about the murder , did take another shot at the media in a press release.

``It is unconscionable that some media factions have chosen, irresponsibly, to speculate publicly on contents of the death report, and in so doing, have caused renewed grief for friends and family members of the deceased,'' he stressed.

JonBenet, the 1995 Little Miss Colorado, was found dead in the family's Boulder home Dec. 26. She had been beaten, strangled and sexually assaulted. No suspects have been named in the slaying.

Meanwhile, Boulder County Judge Diane MacDonald put off a ruling Friday on whether the search warrants involving the Ramseys ' home should remain sealed. Denver media attorney Tom Kelley, acting on behalf two local newspapers, filed a motion late Friday.

Kelley's motion is in response to prosecutors' request to keep the warrants secret. The district attorney's motion stated that the Ramseys are not above suspicion.

Authorities have yet to formally interview John and Patsy Ramsey , the slain child's parents.