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Threats to Ramsey mea

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BOULDER -- Security is tight at Access Graphics in the wake of reported threats against the company's president and his workers.

The company received a call last Friday from a man who threatened to kill employees if the father of murdered 6-year-old JonBenet Ramsey returned to work, according to a police report.

The caller told a receptionist ``If you let ( Ramsey ) back on Monday, you're all dead,'' the report said.

The receptionist said the computer wholesale company has boosted security with new access badges and security training for all employees. Armed guards remain at front and rear entrances of the company.

John Ramsey is expected to return to work shortly, but an exact date has not been set.

According to police reports, the caller told police the man kept saying the ``building (Access Graphics) won't be here on Monday,'' and ``you guys are gone.''

Access Graphics provided the police with a recording of the receptionist's account of the incident. The suspect is said to have a raspy voice like that of actor James Earl Jones, according to police reports. Access Graphics told police they have received several suspicious calls, some of which sounded like the most recent caller.

The body of JonBenet, a former National Tiny Miss Beauty, was found eight hours after her mother called 911 to report she had found a ransom note and her daughter was missing.

Police said JonBenet was strangled but refused to confirm reports that she was sexually assaulted and her skull fractured.

In other developments, investigators hired by the Ramseys want to monitor tests done on certain DNA evidence gathered in the probe of the girl's murder , a Denver newspaper reported today.

A source close to the investigation, said the investigators wrote to the Boulder district attorney about two weeks ago.

John and Patricia Ramsey 's investigators want to be on hand for tests on ``consumable'' DNA materials -- those that would be used up in the course of the tests, the source said.

Boulder Assistant District Attorney Bill Wise declined Wednesday to confirm or deny that the office had received the letter from the Ramsey team.

Ramsey family spokesman Pat Korten said he was unable to confirm whether the Ramseys ' investigators had sent such a letter.

On Tuesday, the head of the CBI said there will be no delay in processing the DNA evidence.

``Unless there is a defendant who has been charged and wishes to be present during testing, we can conduct those tests we deem necessary to identify a suspect in a crime case,'' said CBI director Carl Whiteside. ``We will go forward and analyze evidence.''

The former head of the FBI's behavioral science unit, hired by the Ramseys also says he doesn't think his clients killed their daughter.

In a ``Dateline NBC'' interview, John Douglas said he spent about four or five hours with John and Patricia Ramsey and visited their home in Boulder.

He also saw a limited amount of evidence, a photocopy of a purported ransom note and he was briefed on the autopsy report, the broadcast said.

``What I've seen and experienced, I'd say they were not involved,'' said Douglas. His interview was set for broadcast Tuesday night and NBC released a transcript in advance.

Douglas said he suspected JonBenet's parents at first. When someone is killed in a home, ``the primary suspects will always and should be family.''

His investigation convinced him otherwise, Douglas told NBC.

JoBenet's body was found by her father and Douglas noted, ``Generally, if a parent kills a child, they don't want to be the one who finds the child.''

He said they also ``usually place their child with a very peaceful type of look to it. They stage the crime scene.''

Douglas considers the ransom figure -- $118,000 -- significant. That was the amount Ramsey received as a bonus in 1996 from his computer company.

``Is that just a fluke? I don't think so,'' said Douglas. ``I think it is very, very significant. And you cannot ignore that.''

NBC said Boulder Police spokesman Kelvin McNeill confirmed receiving information from Douglas, but haven't said if it influenced their probe.

Leslie Aaholm, spokeswoman for the city, said no charges have been filed and no arrests are pending.