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Family has copy of ra

by Pam Regensberg
Daily Times-Call with Associated Press reports

BOULDER -- A Boulder police spokeswoman this morning confirmed that police gave John and Patsy Ramsey 's attorneys a photocopy of the three-page ransom note allegedly found in their home.

City spokeswoman Leslie Aaholm said police gave prominent criminal lawyer Bryan Morgan, who is representing the family, a photocopy of the handwritten note possibly sometime last week. Earlier in the investigation, the Ramseys provided police with handwriting samples.

``The Ramseys had seen the handwritten note ... they were very familiar with the contents,'' Aaholm said.

Aaholm, however, would not say if the release of copies of evidence is customary in the Boulder Police Department.

Patsy Ramsey told authorities she found the ransom note demanding $118,000 for the safe return of their 6-year-old daughter, JonBenet Ramsey , on a back staircase of the family's upscale Boulder home Dec. 26.

Eight hours later, John Ramsey said he found JonBenet's body in a remote basement room. The Boulder County Coroner's Office said the little beauty queen had been strangled. Media reports stated she had been sexually assaulted and had suffered a fractured skull.

Meanwhile, CNN reported today that the $118,000 ransom demand matches the year-end bonus John Ramsey received as president of Access Graphics.

A spokeswoman for Boulder-based Access Graphics, however, said the bonus John Ramsey will receive as president of the company has not been paid, nor has the amount been determined.

``Year-end bonuses are not paid in December,'' said Laurie Wagner.

``The bonuses for 1996 have not yet been paid to executive managers. They are paid in the first quarter of the following year. That amount has not been determined,'' she said today.

As the investigation plods into its fourth week, tabloid newspapers again featured JonBenet's photo on the front cover. The National Enquirer reported in the Jan. 28 issue that the Ramseys ``were not entirely open and honest with the interviewer.''

The tabloid, citing a expert in voice stress analysis, said John Ramsey was ``deceptive when he claims he told all he knows to the cops.''