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Official, group meet over Ramsey case

The Associated Press

DENVER — An aide of Gov. Bill Owens has met with a group that wants a special prosecutor appointed in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case.

Even though the governor said earlier this week that there was no need for such a prosecutor, the group said it was pleased with the meeting Friday.

“We are very pleased with the welcome we received. The governor’s legal counsel was very polite and very welcoming. Do I think a special prosecutor will be appointed tomorrow? No,” said Tricia Griffith. She created the Web site “Forums for Justice” that tracks the murder of JonBenet, who was found strangled in her Boulder home Dec. 26, 1996.

Griffith and three other women met Friday for 45 minutes with Cynthia Honssinger, Owens’ chief legal counsel.

“Several years ago we looked at that situation very closely, and didn’t find that need then,” Owens said about the need for a special prosecutor.

Lin Wood, lawyer for JonBenet’s parents, has said the Internet group has no credibility and is obsessed with the case. Some in the group have openly said they believe John and Patsy Ramsey should be investigated.

Griffith said Colorado law requires a special prosecutor in the Ramsey case because Boulder District Attorney Mary Keenan was called as a witness in a civil suit stemming from the murder and therefore shouldn’t be involved in investigating it.

Dan Hopkins, spokesman for Owens, said Honssinger would look carefully at the information presented by the four women and discuss anything relevant with the governor.

This is the second request for a special prosecutor in the Ramsey case. Last month Fleet White, a former family friend, urged appointment of a special prosecutor.