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FBI plans Boulder trip to discuss Ramsey case

by B.J.Plasket
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER Prosecutors and FBI agents will soon gather in Boulder to discuss the JonBenet Ramsey murder investigation, but Dr. Henry Lee a fixture at previous meetings is not scheduled to attend.

Assistant District Attorney Bill Wise on Friday said there is a "tentative plan" in the works for the meeting, adding it will probably take place in the next two weeks.

The FBI agents will reportedly meet with Ramsey prosecutor Michael Kane, who has been working on the case part time while practicing law in Pennsylvania.

Wise said he doesn't know the purpose of the meeting. Boulder police recently said the FBI is testing crime-scene evidence, but the absence of Lee at the meeting could mean it has nothing to do with those tests.

The FBI, however, is also involved in the investigation of a California woman's claims that she was assaulted as a child by a group of adults that included figures in the Ramsey case.

Lee, the famed forensic scientist who heads Connecticut's state crime lab, has in the past been involved in analyzing evidence and DNA tests in the case.

It is unknown if Boulder police will attend the meeting.

Wise also said it appears the district attorney's office will not have to ask the county commissioners for additional money to fund the investigation anytime soon. The county in January appropriated $24,000 to pay Kane's salary, expert witness fees and travel expenses through March, but the money is expected to last at least into April.

"We plan not to go back at this time until we see what's going on," Wise said, adding the meeting with the FBI could have a bearing on future requests for funding.

The $24,000 appropriation included enough money to pay Kane $60 an hour for up to 50 hours or $3,000 per month during the first three months of the year. Wise said Kane has not yet used up that allotment.

"We might have enough money to go another month or two," Wise said.