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Scientist meets with police and DA to review evidence

by Travis Henry
Daily Times-Call

BOULDER Saying the JonBenet Ramsey case is still "warm," forensic scientist Dr. Henry Lee met with District Attorney Alex Hunter, Police Chief Mark Beckner and members of Hunter's prosecution team Thursday afternoon for more than six hours.

The group reviewed forensic testing and analyses conducted the last three months by Lee and the FBI, said Suzanne Laurion, a media liaison for Hunter.

Beckner said after the meeting that the discussion was "productive" and that there were some new revelations from the evidence.

"But that doesn't always answer the questions that need to be answered," Beckner said. "We know more today than we did last week."

Before the meeting, Hunter stressed that the case was not over and that the "investigation was continuing."

The meeting at the Boulder County Justice Center was the first between Hunter, Lee and prosecutors since the grand jury in the murder case was dismissed Oct. 13, 1999, without issuing an indictment.

Lee flew in Thursday morning from Hartford, Conn., to attend the meeting.

Prosecutor Michael Kane, who left Colorado to enter private practice in Pennsylvania after leading the 13-month-long grand jury investigation, also attended.

The FBI participated in the meeting via telephone.

The forensic testing of "old evidence" may be the last hope for prosecutors whose funding for the murder investigation is due to run out at the end of March.

Hunter, who once guaranteed the case would be solved, is no longer making guarantees.

Beckner said that the police will not increase their role in the investigation because of anything revealed in the meeting.

"A lot of the work is out of our hands," he said.