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Filmmaker Moore applauds Kinsey

Kevin Darst
The Daily Times-Call

Bob Kinsey hopes a box office boon will buoy his congressional campaign.

Filmmaker Michael Moore, whose “Fahrenheit 9/11” grossed $61.1 million in its first two weeks while playing at packed theaters, endorsed Kinsey on his Web site,

Moore called Colorado’s U.S. 4th Congressional District election one of the most important in the country and said Kinsey, a Green Party member, was a “true progressive” who could earn votes from Republicans and Democrats.

“I’ve worked on issues (that) Michael Moore’s made films about for years, so he would tend to support me,” Kinsey said.

U.S. Rep. Marilyn Musgrave, R-Fort Morgan, beat Democrat Stan Matsunaka for the 4th District seat two years ago. Matsunaka was a late entry to this year’s race, joining Kinsey and Republican Bob Faust.

Faust, a Johnstown resident, will face Musgrave in the Aug. 10 Republican Primary.

The 4th District includes Longmont, Loveland, Fort Collins, Greeley and the state’s Eastern Plains.

“With no strong Democrat ready to put up the necessary fight, it looks like Musgrave will have little trouble securing her re- election ,” Moore’s Web site said. “Unless Bob Kinsey can put a stop to that. He could potentially attract middle-of-the-line voters, who are fed up with Musgrave’s ultra-conservative agenda and see little potential in unpopular Matsunaka. And he is a true progressive, so your conscience can rest easy.”

Matsunaka’s campaign dismissed the notion that Matsunaka was “unpopular” and said Moore’s endorsement wouldn’t hurt the Democratic candidate and that Kinsey was “not a viable candidate.”

“It’s not bad for Stan to be running against a left-wing candidate and a right-wing candidate,” Matsunaka campaign spokeswoman Ellen Dumm said. “I think I like that.”

But Musgrave campaign manager Guy Short said the endorsement hurt Matsunaka.

“It probably helps Bob Kinsey get the anti-Bush and anti-war vote, and that’s not a good thing for Stan Matsunaka,” Short said.

Conservative groups have criticized “Fahrenheit 9/11” for playing with the truth and asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate the movie’s advertising for violations of campaign-finance laws that dictate when a commercial may feature a presidential candidate.

Liberal groups largely have been more accepting of the film, though some have tried to distance themselves from Moore.

“He’s just raised the questions,” said Kinsey, a pastor. “I’ll call Bush a liar. I called Cheney a liar on the pulpit Sunday in Boulder.”

A link on Moore’s Web site urges voters to back Green Party candidates when they’re unhappy with Democratic candidates.

“Sometimes when the Democrats suck, they really, really suck,” Moore said on the Web site. “And sometimes, you gotta teach ’em a lesson. And hey, it’s not like the Republicans would be overjoyed, either. We can crack the two-party system.”